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This Bench Belongs to the Minor from Yitzhar

On Friday, the Petach Tikva magistrate court (Beit Mishpat Hashalom) ordered the 15-year-old boy from Yitzhar, who was arrested by police at 3 AM that morning, returned to his home.

The judge, Yael Blecher, strongly reprimanded the police for not bothering to even check with the appropriate child welfare services or even knowing what conditions the boy would have in the re-education farm he was being sent to.


The police, unwilling to accept the court’s decision turned to the District Court on Friday afternoon. That judge overturned the ruling, and had the minor sent to jail until Sunday.



  1. Wt—-BiBi just shoot the boy! Heck even on the
    Possibility that perhaps he might be guilty of
    something I.e maybe this social "degenerate"
    jay walked! Shoot him. Show the Arabs what
    a bad ass u are! They are shaking w laughter!
    BIBI u are Pathetic!

  2. You must not have read the entire piece. A district court overturned the lower court decision and had him sent to jail. I didn't know that civilized countries put teenagers in jails. It isn't prison, you know, which may not be half bad. It's probably a holding cell.
    Something sounds very wrong with this to me despite the lack of information in the story.
    I wouldn't be surprised if the Israeli political class is inappropriately handling this teen, which is something they wouldn't dare do to a savage barbarian mythical so-called Palestinian 15-year-old for whatever similar charge they're going to bring.
    Remember, Israel has no Bill of Rights. They hold people without charge for 6-month periods, only to, at times, extend the incarceration. Some, if not many, are guilty of nothing.
    It's secular evil.

  3. Israel is a police state. No habeauus corpus, no standards for evidentiary process. Martial law still exists. Aside from never ever wanting to call the police for any need, i wouldn't trust them to carry a bucket of air. The rank and file are uneducated, and rising in the ranks carries that abcess. Pitchforks and torches are in order to excise this disease.

  4. the boy was arrested for no reason, some vague allegation that he might in the future do something because of his ideology and where he lives, they first said that he committed acts of voilence against arabs, yet in court proceedings they continually failed to state which arabs, where, what time, what date, any information that is supposed to be standard procedure so that an accused can come forward with an alibi…all of this they failed to do. This is just another example of the regime, now under the leadership (sic) of liberman actings as enemies of the Jewish people. Funny how they seem to be unable to arrest all those arab kids throwing boulders at Jewish drivers or firebombing Jewish homes, yet they are free to persecute, with no warrant, no indictment, no charges, no proof young Jewish youth who struggle to keep the Torah and build up the Land that we are supposed to build up according to the instructions of HKBH. Yup, it is open season on religious Jews, especially those living in Judea and Shomrom. In fact, our enemy is not the arabs, it is this medinat, who at times uses the arabs to kill us and at other times, comes to kill us themselves.

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