Photo Credit: Corporal Viacheslav Gargai
Corporal Viacheslav Gargai

Tanya Gargai, mother of Corporal Viacheslav Gargai, an IDF soldier who made Aliya from the Ukraine and was killed in a maintenance accident on the Golan Heights this week, is asking Israelis to come to his funeral. Tanya is Viacheslav’s only relative in Israel, his biological father is bedridden in the Ukraine, unable to attend the funeral.

A Facebook post by Viacheslav’s army buddies reads: “Today at 2:30 PM Corporal Viacheslav Gargai, an Oleh from Ukraine who died two days ago in an APC accident on the Golan Heights, will be buried. […] The soldier’s mother is calling on the nation of Israel o come and give her son his final honor. All the people of Israel are responsible for one another – come and support the soldier’s mother and accompany Slava on his final path.”


The funeral will be at 2:30 PM today (Thursday), at the military section of the Rishon L’Tzion cemetery.

Update: More than a thousand people attended the funeral.



  1. Dear mother, if I could be with you in person it would mean no more than my heart and neshama being with not just for the levaya but in prayer and tehillim for much time. Your son will be remember and thanked and given merit on a daily basis. You and your family will also be in our thoughts and hearts. I know that in no way does this ease or change what happened but our love is with you and your family. You see you are our family we belong in the same family.

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