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Abbas, in background on the left, may get a war crimes trial instead of a Nobel Peace Prize for Fatah rockets on Israel.

So long as they are going after each other, it deflects their murderous attention from us. The two major Palestinian Arab parties, Hamas and Fatah, perhaps should be renamed Dumb and Dumber.

Just months after publicly “overcoming” their homicidal animosity towards each other and creating a national unity government, they’ve now gone back to publicly destroying each other. And not just with words.


On Friday, Nov. 7, at least 10 explosions hit homes and cars belonging to ranking members of Fatah, an AFP correspondent and witnesses said.

So what touched off this latest episode of internecine ugliness?

Why, it’s the planned commemoration of the 10th death anniversary of the biggest baddie of Palestinian Arab fame, Fatah founder Yasser Arafat.

Don’t forget, this is a society in which university clubs affiliated with the different Palestinian factions compete for popularity on the basis of how many Israelis each faction has killed.

How do we know that’s the connection? One, this year is the first time in years there is a planned public commemoration of Arafat’s death in Gaza. And two, the stage in Gaza at which that commemoration was to take place was one of the targets.

Until the most recent make-up session, there weren’t many Fatah-affiliated Arabs in Gaza, and that’s because they were thrown the heck out by Hamas, the local terror tyrants, in 2007.

There were no reported casualties from the blasts, and both Fatah and Hamas publicly condemned the attacks.

The Arafat death celebration is still scheduled to be held in Gaza on Nov. 11.


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  1. Not dumb and dumber but smart and smarter is what Jews should be saying to encourage the animosity between Fatah and Hamas. After all they are the same and no one should think differently, They both hate Israel and want to destroy her. Everyone should know about Abbas' PhD in Holocaust Denial,. Every Jew in the world, except Dorothy Zellner, should know about Abbas and his hatred of us.

  2. Muslims are born and bred to revere Death and Martyrdom .

    Muslims engender suicide murderers the world over.

    There is not and never was a "Peace Process." with the murderous Muslim Horde !!!

    O bummer is a closet Muslim who was educated as a Muslim during his formative years in Indonesia.

    O bummer has an Islamic Death sentence hanging over him and his family .

    He needs to sacrifice Israel to earn Islamic points to abrogate his Death Sentence from suicide Murderers, from which there is no defense. They will get him sooner or later if he doesn't deliver !!!

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