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The Golders Green Eruv

In February, reported on a neo-Nazi group that planned a march in Stamford Hill.

That march was eventually cancelled, though a few neo-Nazis still showed up. The organizer has faced a number of criminal charges.


But Scotland Yard said it cannot prevent the upcoming neo-Nazi march that is planned for July 4th in north London’s Golders Green, according to The Guardian.

Golders Green is the home of a large Jewish community in London.

The neo-Nazi march will be held on Shabbat, in the heart of the Jewish community, and exactly when religious Jews will be walking to Shul for prayers.

Dear Jews of the UK, Israel is only an airplane ride away.



  1. I'm guessing that this won't make the news or will be a quick comment towards the end. If it was Muslims being attacked……

    Unfortunately, far too many Jews in the UK are complacent and do not understand the incredible anti-Semitism across the world and the dramatic increases in the last couple of years. To allow this demonstration may wake the community up and alert the rest of the country to what is happening. The ongoing murders in France, for example, has not changed anything for these Jews.

    And yes, I am a Jew who has lived in Golders Green as well as Redbridge when it was the second largest community in Europe. I have spent years trying to point out anti-Semitism and racism both to Jews and non-Jews and yet nothing changes.

  2. Jewish community leaders, especially rabbis', have to reflect on why they insist on staying in a foreign country with history of deep hatred of Jews. History showed us that not one single Galut ended peacefully. God sends constant reminders to the Jews: you have a homeland, go there before it will be too late. ARE YOU DEAF?

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