Photo Credit: Tasnim News Agency / Wikimedia
A group of Iranian Navy vessels

Iran’s new Kamand anti-missile defense system has successfully completed its final tests, according to a report by the FARS news agency.

“The production of Kamand defense system has ended and ground and air tests have successfully been conducted,” Iranian Rear Admiral Kaviani said in Tehran on Wednesday, according to FARS.


The system, which is designed to fight against low-altitude threats, including incoming missiles, is to be mounted on Navy vessels by March 20, Kaviani said.

This past December Iran’s new homemade missile-launching warship, the Separ (Shield) was delivered to the naval forces deployed in the Caspian Sea. Separ is a Sina-class warship, equipped with four Nour or Qader-class missile launchers with a range of 120 to 250 km, a 25 mm Fajr-class cannon and a second 40 mm cannon.

Iran currently maintains six Navy combat vessels in the Caspian Sea, including Separ.