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Clinton, Biden and Sanders.

New York Jews are losing their taste for Hillary Clinton and are moving towards Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden, according to a new Siena College poll.

A majority of 54 percent of Jews in New York view Clinton as “unfavorable,” slightly more than the state average of 51 percent. If primary elections were held today, Clinton would come out on top but only with a plurality of 45%, compared with 24 and 23 percent for Biden and Sanders respectively.


Among Jewish voters, according to JPInsider, registered Democrats would give Clinton only 36 percent of their votes. Biden would win 31% of the Jewish vote, and Sanders would pick up 25 percent.

Clinton is in a tailspin and cannot dig her outsell of her deepening e-mail scandal hole, which makes Sanders look more appealing. Biden still has not announced if he will run, and if he does throw his hat in the ring, he will grab support from those who so far have backed off because of his procrastination.

Siena College pollster Steven Greenberg said:

For the first time ever, Hillary Clinton is under water with New York voters, facing her worst favorability rating ever in her adopted home state. Her favorability rating has seen a net drop of 21 points since July.

However, Clinton is the choice of New York Democrats

On the Republican side, Jews favor Marco Rubio.

Statewide, the Siena poll showed that a majority of Democrats want Biden to run for president.

Trump still leads the Republican field, with a commanding lead of 34% compared with only 14% for Carson and 11% for Bush.

Greenberg added:

Biden runs best against the three leading Republican candidates, and he runs stronger against each of the three than does Clinton with Democrats, Republicans and independents.  Though Sanders has a bigger lead against Bush than does Clinton, she has bigger leads than Sanders against Carson and Trump.



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Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu is a graduate in journalism and economics from The George Washington University. He has worked as a cub reporter in rural Virginia and as senior copy editor for major Canadian metropolitan dailies. Tzvi wrote for Arutz Sheva for several years before joining the Jewish Press.


  1. Voting or a democrat, socialist or progressive in the United States means the same politices toward Israel and terroism will continue. In this country the progerssives have been able to sell their propoganda to many who they stab in the back if they do not follow them blindly.

  2. joe biden was head of the banking committee when he cozied up to the banker cronies and changed the bankruptcy laws so that middle class and blue collar workers are now in debt till they die. he is a piece of . he is a liar and a phony. but hey good luck with that.

  3. Stephen Haugh: All Jews should have a spiritual connection and concern for Israel’s survival. If you don’t understand your obligation to support them you need to examine your own conscience during this season of Yom Kippur and all that it SHOULD stand for in your own life !

  4. Bernie is a good man, with a truthful heart, who has both the country and its people, old and young, black and white, as a priority over corrupt political relations and how much money he can stuff into his wallet. We should be thankful we have lived to see the day that an honest man has made his way back into the race for POTUS.

  5. What they believe and their actions is between them and God, but I don’t have to like the fact that they are helping those whom they help get elected to hurt themselves and other Jews and Christians( who also vote for them too are just as ignorant). I hope it’s okay to pray that God will give them all a hearty head slap! God help us all!

  6. Keep Biden, Hillary Clinton far away from the WH<

    Clinon is a dangerous liar.
    Biden is a clown.
    keep the Democ Rats in the minority.
    Get the Replulicans into the WH and into power in every state.
    Why did Jews support the Muslim Obama?
    he has never been a friend of Israel.

    Remember what Clinton did when she was SecState at the Naval base.
    The Arabs said that Bibi must use the side entrance, not the same front entrnace as the Arabs use.. Sha agreed to this. That showed that she was prepared to give into all the Arab demands..

    Remember the conference about Iran and the bomb. Obama gave Kerry ( another lovely baby) the instructions to cave in to all the Iran demands.

    Neither USa nor the Jews of USA needs another Democ Rat in the WH.

    However, will the Republican president move the US embassy to Jerusallem?

    No good for any candidate to say they will move US embassy to JLM but when in power, did nothing.
    Hopefully, Rubio or the Donald will occupy the WH.

  7. Probably no group has benefited more from free market capitalism than the Jews. Isreal learned a bitter lesson when the infant country had a third world economy, thants to the doctanaire socialists who ran the country in its first couple of decades. Fortunately Israel has gone from "socialist paradise" to start up nation. Socialism has been a worldd wide failure.

  8. Biden is no better. He met with Elizabeth Warren, Obama, donors and Hillary donors then went on a media blitz doing night show saying you should only run for president if your heart was in it! He’s ran twice before! He used the tragic early death of his son to gain sympathy. The liberal news media is giving him all the publicity he wants and he’s not spending a dime. He won’t put his hat in until October. Then he’ll get free publicity from the liberals about what a brave man he is.

  9. I am a Native American. I strongly suggest they not vote for any democrat. All those running are NO different than Obama. He wants Biden in office. So he can continue to control the US. Biden is a puppet. SEE….….. It is scary as Hell and believable.

  10. What is wrong with these "leftist" first American Jews.
    They should in fact dump the entire Democratic Party in favour of the Republican candidate whoever that may be.
    Only a Republican can restore tradition and honor to the US.
    As for Israel, if these leftist even bother to think about the situation in the Middle East, they should never consider voting Democrat again. But then again they seem joined at the hip to anyone of the left. Their ignorance sickens me.

  11. Solomon, Israel is its own very capable country, they don't need American lawmakers and presidents putting Israel before America like a bunch of dogs confused about who their master is. Americans serve Americans first, whether they are Jews or not. This isn't a betrayel to Israel, it is an acknowledgement of the reality of their existence.

    Maybe the reason people have historically hated jews so much is that some have a history of disregarding any community other than jews while actively pushing for their community to be beneficial to Israel or the jewish people.

  12. Brian,
    I specifically mentioned: " Only a Republican can restore tradition and honor to the US." I have heard of selective hearing but do you have selective reading?The current Democratic President of yours spits on the Constitution he swore to uphold and defend. Only a Republican administration can restore America to its former and respected standing in the world.

  13. You're confusing "Republicans who support Israel" with "Republicans who support Israel because it is convenient in their quest for blood, war, and oil" – They couldn't give two s about the fact that you are Jewish, or Israeli – you are nothing more than a convenient pawn in the game.

  14. 50% of "Americans polled" means only half of the people over 50 with landlines, because all of the polls are rigged in favor of establishment politicians to try an marginalize Bernie. It's a corporate-backed campaign strategy – who do you think runs the polls? Truth is, Bernie has OVERWHELMING support from the youth voters (who FAR outnumber the demographics showing up in the polls), a fact which the mainstream media does everything in their power to conceal. He's not just going to win – he's going to win in a landslide. The Millenials outnumber you and we are all standing up for the first politician in our generation's memory to be an honest human being. Feel the Bern, bitch.

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