(JTA) — New York City police are investigating the distribution of fliers marked with swastikas in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn.

A member of the Shomrim, a watchdog group affiliated with New York’s haredi Orthodox community, spotted the fliers on Bedford Avenue, a Jewish area of Williamsburg, on Monday evening, according to the JPUpdates news site. The group alerted the police.


Police are reviewing surveillance video to see if they can track the fliers’ distributor, JPUpdates said.

The fliers are marked with a swastika and the word “uber,” which roughly translates as “superior” in German.


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  1. Why are US Jews NOT getting the divine messages. It is time to come home. Yes it is hard to move. However, look at France. Do you want to wait until your Shul is attacked. How will real estate values be at that time? Get out now and leave no Jew behind. Push the Jewish institutions to get organized. 70 years ago, a generation waited, too. Don't let Jewish history repeat itself. May Hashem have mercy on all of us.

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