Photo Credit: Nati Shohat / Flash 90
IDF soldiers waiting near the PA Arab village of Halhul, following the discovery of the bodies of three Israeli teens murdered by Arab terrorists.

One of the three boys kidnapped by Arab terrorists on June 12 gave a good accounting of himself and put up a fight before he was murdered, a source said.

The source is involved in the forensic identification process of three bodies found in a field near Halhul Monday evening and said one of the boys fought back against his attackers.


The source told the Walla! news site that forensic evidence being gathered at the Abu Kabir Institute shows that one of the teens put up “meaningful resistance” against the kidnappers.

The boys were abducted by terrorists while hitchhiking home from their yeshiva for the Sabbath, at a routine hitching stop in Gush Etzion. An IDF source told the news site that after the Arab terrorists grabbed the boys near the Jewish community of Alon Shevut, the vehicle they were traveling in headed west and then made a U-turn to go south towards Hevron.

Within minutes, at about 10:25 p.m., one of the boys called the “100″ police hotline, whispering into the cell phone, “I’ve been kidnapped. We’ve been kidnapped!” He then went silent, perhaps fearing his captors would discover he was using the phone. Shortly after the call was made, shots were fired and the phone went dead, a little more than two minutes later.

It is likely the terrorists decided to cut their losses and run. They had no way of knowing that police had bumbled the call, leaving open a window of more than five hours before anyone in supervision or above would even take the call seriously, let alone bother to follow it up. (At least four senior police officers have been dismissed as a result of that decision.)

Instead, the kidnappers likely believed that police would soon be on their tail – and decided to end all doubts, murdering the boys and escaping with their own lives intact.

Within hours of starting their search, security forces found a burned-out vehicle, a rifle and bullet casings near the Palestinian Authority Arab village of Dura, slightly south of Hevron – a hotbed of Hamas terrorists, among others. It’s been searched repeatedly by IDF soldiers in the past 19 days.

But no kidnapped boys were found; no bodies and no perpetrators. The terrorists took just enough time to hurriedly transport and bury their victims’ bodies in a shallow cave that is barely visible in a farmer’s stony field, alongside the PA Arab village of Halhul — another classic ‘terrorist central’ stronghold.

Thanks to the determination and unending energy of tens of thousands of IDF soldiers, and the intensive efforts of the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) agents, searchers were led in the direction of that field Monday afternoon.

Despite fierce resistance from surrounding villagers who clearly knew what was concealed there, at last the searchers reached their first objective in Operation Brother’s Keeper, and found the sad evidence they were looking for.

Let the memory of Eyal Yifrach, Naftali Frenkel and Gilad Sha’ar not fade, let their blood not have flowed in vain.

May their memories be for a blessing and may God avenge their blood.

May the soldiers of the IDF and the agents of the Shin Bet find success in the next phase of Operation Brother’s Keeper as they continue their hunt for the murders of our boys.



  1. It will be justice that G-d himself decides. Funny how no out cry on Palestinians sending rockets into Israel and barbarians throwing rocks at cars And hurting innocent civilians in Israel. That seems to be ok but if Israel defends themselves it causes huge out cries of wrong doing.

  2. Mohammed you talk like stones don’t cause serious accidents. They can kill just as easily as a automatic weapon. They can cause multiple car crashes or cars running off the road and hitting objects. Car doesn’t even have to be traveling at high speeds to kill people on board. At least automatic weapons would deter Rock throwing. Just because it may be children or young adults throwing rocks doesn’t make it a non terrorist action. They are being taught to do it by adults so if you don’t want your children killed like terrorists quit teaching them to be one.

  3. Mohammad the Arabs have spent 100 years trying to drive Jews from their homes in the land of Israel by war by terror and by diplomacy. They have never wavered from this objective and these murders are just the latest atrocity in that century long campaign. The fact that Israel is better armed today is a result of all the Jews have done to protect themselves from being driven from their homes. Palestinian homelessness is ever and always a consequence of that hundred year struggle to deny Jews the right to live in their historic homeland. Arabs wrote their own history in which Jews dispossessed them but the truth is that all the violence and suffering endured by Palestinians is a consequence of their refusal to live side by side with Jews. The day that Palestinians agree to live in peace with Israel will be the day that no Palestinian child will have to fear being caught in the crossfire when Israel takes action in its own defense.

  4. How can these people act so horrendou sly? Besides, they’re stupid. No way to peace talks any more, for a while. Palestinian head office must show unconditional will to carry on political ways out to neutralize such barbaric deeds. Israel has the right to demand peace demonstrations and to carry out whatever is needed to make justice. This can’t happen anymore, ever. I’m devastated. God be with Israel and her children.

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