Photo Credit: Wisam Hashlamoun/FLASH90
Israeli construction workers

A new survey conducted for the Middle East Forum and the Israel Victory Project indicate that 65% of the Jewish public in Israel believes that Israel needs to achieve a clear victory through military confrontations with the “Palestinians” in order to end the conflict, as reported by Channel 20. The survey will be presented to the Knesset on Tuesday.

77% of the respondents agreed that in the next round with Hamas or Hezbollah, the military leadership should decide to “let the IDF win.” It has been a common complaint in Israel that the IDF has been holding back in their battles with the enemy.


The survey found that 59% of Israelis see US President Donald Trump as the most pro-Israeli president ever, compared to only 25% of respondents who expressed concern that in the future Trump will still “charge a price” for his support of Israel.

Only 21% expressed concern about the possibility that President Trump would recognize the state of Palestine with Jerusalem as its capital, while 62% do not believe it will happen.

Most importantly, only 3% of Israelis believe that settling in Judea and Samaria is an obstacle to peace.

Among those who lean politically left, the results were also interesting.

59% of left-wing voters themselves view the Oslo process as a failure. Moreover, 67% of left-wing voters declare that the absence of a decision and an Israeli victory in the previous confrontations with the “Palestinians” are the reason for the dragging of the conflict, and a similar percentage of left-wing voters want the IDF to win in the next confrontation with Hamas and Gaza.

The survey was conducted by the Rafi Smith Institute, according to a representative sample of 800 people among Israel’s adult Jewish population.