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Palestinian Authority flag is raised by Florida delegation during platform vote at 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

Pro-Palestinian Authority activists are out in full regalia at the Democratic National Convention, led — of course — by liberal American Jews sporting bold bright black and yellow logos on white tee shirts that proclaim “I support PALESTINIAN Human Rights” as if to assert that no other human rights exist.


Florida delegate Ahmed Bedier responded on Twitter to the activists with equal pride that his delegation had “just raised [the] Flag of Palestine at #DNCinPHL during platform vote #ProgressiveforPalestine” .

Remember, readers, it’s not really about America, or the Democratic Party, after all, or even about the United States Democratic presidential nominee.

It’s all about the “nth” generation millenials who still dream about their fantasy status as “refugees” or that of their friends — or who have romanticized “the Cause” on their behalf.

But these armchair liberals have yet to spend a gap year with their grandparents or those of their friends in the homes they say they miss so much. The ones that once were administered by the Jordanian authorities or the Egyptians, that is.

They’re in better condition today, but those villages were so badly maintained that in many of them there was sewage running in the streets. More than 90 percent of the homes were forced to provide their own electricity via personal diesel-run generators and their own water from village cisterns and tanks on their roofs.

So many of the village had basic infrastructure that was so badly maintained, in fact — the numbers are so overwhelming — and the population has remained so hostile, that it has taken this long for Israel to be able to do anything about it.

But many of the residents, particularly in the Palestinian Authority where four generations have been fed a steady diet of government-sponsored incitement via the media, the mosques and the school curriculum, that they prefer their misery and their PA citizenship to any improvements from Israel.

But hey, why should anyone complain about their nostalgia for the “good old days” if that’s what they prefer? After all, Jordan is right next door and just a hop over the Allenby Bridge, and Egypt is just south of the border — assuming that either of their loving Arab brethren will open their doors to let them in.



  1. The Socialist Democrat Party abhors Israel and is therefore anti-semitic. A Jew, who votes for Israel, is a Jew, not interested in Israel's survival. When anti-semitism becomes prevalent in America, let these liberal Jew's appeal to their "goyische friends", to save their "toochis" and not the Jew's of Israel.

  2. The Jews who wore tee shirts that proclaim “I support PALESTINIAN Human Rights” allows tacit acceptance of the intifada and attacks against Jews. There is a valid comparison to "Black Lives Matter" movement that allows a tacit acceptance of the ambush of police officers. Both part of a changing acceptance of misplaced violence.

  3. As American Jews become more aculturated in the American way of life, they will tend to forget their Torah Judaism and exchange it for the more secular form of Judaism. This is the begining of the end of Judaism just 75 years from the last Holocaust. Jewish People who side with terrorists in the end, become terrorists themselves. There are other names for these people, Kapos, Turncoats, maybe just plain Idiots, might be the best way to describe them. In either case, Jews who support any form of Palestiniasm, are Jews who wish to see Israel destroyed. That is their real goal.

  4. The democrats are going in the way of Germany's Fascict party which is clear from their support of Berne Sanders the Jewish Israel Hater and Basher, and Hillary Clinton the stab Israel in the back by supporting Iran and Boycotting Jewish Settlement. Any Jew who votes for a democrat nowadays should have learned their lesson from voting for Obama. Democrats are now liberal extremists who by the way are the biggest supporters of terrorism against Israel and America.

  5. Since Obama's election the first time around and his overt impressions of dislike for Israel, American Jews have learned that in order to get along in America, they have to get along with the Obama administration and the new rules of the game. In doing so they have abandoned the students in the colleges and universities who have been experiencing anti-Semitic bigotry by both students and professors to the point of feeling they are in danger. It is shameful. Jews who hold dual citizenship who are murdered by Palestinian terrorists while in Israel are not even called Americans when the death tolls are recounted in the American media…. to this day, the American media says that "only" two American tourists have been killed in Israel. I am, as an American, ashamed of my government, the president, and the US State Department.

  6. Mitzi Bruskin Did you notice the PLO flag being displayed at the DNC? Did you notice the pro PLO tee shirts worn by members of the Florida delegation? Did you notice the burning of the Israeli flag at the DNC? The "Nazi"s today are part and parcel of the Socialist Democrat Party.

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