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Protesters burning an Israeli flag at the DNC convention

Reporter Byron Tau tweeted Wednesday morning that “protesters are burning an Israeli flag now in front of the secure perimeter and chanting ‘intifada.'”

As can be seen in video snippets that are being uploaded on Facebook and YouTube, a woman whose face was covered in a black bandanna, Hamas fashion, set an Israeli flag on fire amidst a group of protesters outside of the cordoned Wells Fargo arena in Philadelphia. A person standing next to her was waving a Palestinian flag. There were reports of protesters burning the American flag as well.


The protesters are Senator Bernie Sanders supporters who have not heeded their own champion’s call to join the DNC in supporting the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton against their common enemy, GOP candidate Donald Trump.

More than 50 protesters were detained on Monday following a demonstration outside the Wells Fargo Center by activists from Democracy Spring. Police issued the detainees citations for disorderly conduct,

Sanders activist Jocelyn Macurdy Keatts told CNN she supports the Democracy Spring “very coherent” set of demands. “There seems to be legislative leverage here,” she said, adding, “The Democrats are already moving further to the left to accommodate Bernie supporters.”

It should be noted in this context, that during the writing of the DNC platform, Sanders fielded five rabid anti-Israel proxies who tried to enter anti “occupation” language into the platform, and they were blocked firmly by the majority of the platform committee: five Clinton proxies and four proxies appointed by then DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

Congresswoman Wasserman-Schultz has been maligned this week and forced to resign her post, but it should be remembered that in the DNC she is one of the most consistent pro-Israel voices. She may differ with rightwing Jews and Israelis on the two-state solution, but she has been a dyed in the wool pro-Israel legislator. And, unlike many fellow Democrats, and despite the fact that she was Obama’s handpicked leader of the Democratic National Committee, the Congresswoman attended Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech to Congress. She ended up voting for the Iran deal, which turned out to be a giant mistake, but she did not shame the Israeli PM publicly as other Democrats have done.

Inside the DNC convention hall, Palestinian and Soviet flags were being waved proudly.


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  1. They are also burning a Bernie banner. It seems like the ones who hate Israel hate everyone. I won’t say “good luck democrats you are going to need it” because I really don’t want them to have good luck.

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  4. The Democratic party has gone way left and it appears there is no return. This behavior clearly shows the mindset of those who give lip service to the party and Israel and then burns an Israeli flag. Sadly,we have non-Jewish Jews who partake in things like this and who want to see Israel dismantled.

  5. Ok I do have a question here- and I will frame it as succintly as possible, as I engage only in civilized debate— what is the connection between Sanders and the "Palestinians"?? Isn't he Jewish himself? Could someone please enlighten me on this from your viewpoints?

  6. Sanders is a politician. His religion is GET VOTES. He does not answer questions but feels that people should get something for nothing. He Blames others for his and his fellow politicians failures. Now you know why he connects with the Hamas terrorists.

  7. Alan Kardon that is a terrible thing to write. I am very strongly pro-Israel. I am a proud American, 3rd generation. The anonymity of the web should not embolden you to tell me to commit suicide. Is that how you address a fellow Jew?

  8. Good. They should be more than detained. They should have a thorough background check: What groups do they affiliate with? What do they tweet? To where do they donate? Shout Intifada? That is a call to blow up people in pizzerias, on school buses and stab 13-year old girls to death as they sleep in their beds. That is a cry to incite terror on our soil. This is not a job for Philidelphia local police, this is a job for the FBI and HSA.

  9. The democrats are going in the way of Germany's Fascict party which is clear from their support of Berne Sanders the Jewish Israel Hater and Basher, and Hillary Clinton the stab Israel in the back by supporting Iran and Boycotting Jewish Settlement. Any Jew who votes for a democrat nowadays should have learned their lesson from voting for Obama. Democrats are now liberal extremists who by the way are the biggest supporters of terrorism against Israel and America.

  10. Ellen Levitt Don't respond to these people. Burning the American flag is a constitutionally recognized and Supreme Court affirmed example of free speech. The price of freedom is tolerance of protest. The people who burn the American and Israeli flags are no different than candidate who mock the disabled or make racist comments about Mexicans, Muslims and women. Dispicable, yes. Antisemitc – most likely – but when a presidential candidate re-tweets an antisemitic image of Secretary Clinton from a neonazi web site, that's dispicable, too. The more we learn about Trump's connection to Putin through Paul Manafort, the more we should worry. Burning flags is a meaningless, juvenile act our kids did during the Vietnam war. It means no more now.

  11. The idiots wearing masks starting fires were NOT part of our movement. They are just some doucher fake anarchists and I stomped their fires out and gave them a scolding like the children they are.

    Don't glorify this and don't try to pin it on us.

    Sanders supporters put a stop to it. Not the other way around.

  12. Mitzi Bruskin and whose ideals are the Republicans espousing? They are the party that adhears to the constition. I understand that most American vote Democrat, but times have changed and the party is moving away from you. We had a switch a decade ago here in Canada with most of us now supporting the Conservative Party.

  13. Mitzi Bruskin Neither the Democrats nor the extreme far right Republicans support American ideals. Americans have always believed in helping those who cannot help themselves, not eternally giving to those who WILL NOT help themselves. Americans have always believed in taking care of citizens FIRST, and giving a helping hand to those in need IF THERE IS ANYTHING LEFT OVER, not shoving citizens aside and watching their own children suffer an die of want and need while giving to those who grab and snatch the fruits of labor from the workers and descendants of workers who spilled blood to make the country. Democrats of today give handouts to buy votes and far right Republicans don't want to help anyone but themselves. It's the middle road that is the moral one, and until Obama took office, Americans knew Palestine was a terrorist word, not Israel.

  14. Jackie Rozell this time there has been a huge shift within the GOP. Trump is not far right, in fact he is not even conservative. He is pretty much a centerist although it doesn't seem like it because of his delivery. He has many GOPres hopping mad because of this and of course to Dems, whoever runs against them is a fascist in thier eyes.

  15. Mitzi Bruskin True. My normal, old-school Republican friends don't support Trump and don't spend all day bashing Hillary, or using the incredibly thuggish language like Obummer or Hitlery. They disagree with the Democrats on many issues, but they don't behave in this hysterical fashion or threaten other Jews who don't share their views.

  16. Thom Jarvis , you may vote Conservative in Canada but at least you have a stronger safety net (national health care) than us Americans. If Trump wins, my daughter and I will eventually lose our health insurance. At least the Democrats finally (at Sanders' behest, but Clinton tried in the 1990s) put the public option on the platform.

  17. Daniel Lewis –
    There is NO REAL CONNECTION of Sanders to Arabs aka palestinians on any level.
    And my personal viewpoint on Sanders is this… !!!@#%@!!!!/// etc.
    Plus Bernie Sanders is what we Jews call "a self hating Jew", someone who doesn't like or is ashamed of the fact that he is born a Jew and rejects all aspects of Judaism – to the extent of rejecting his own G-d.

  18. חוה טײטלבױם
    "…you must really be insecure about yourself to demand that any Jew who thinks differently from you should leave the fold." —- and you have the chutzpah to twist what Hinda Blas posted.
    You should keep your warped analysis of others to yourself.
    What Hinda stated was FACT and as for those Jews leaving the fold – they already have left the "fold" and there is no longer a need for them to convert to Islam.

  19. Mitzi Bruskin ! I just can't not to comment you!!!! Please open your eyes!!! It's soooo naive if not to say primitive! Please read more of history…The German Jew had the same thinking in 1933, but in 1938 almost all of them was sent to gas chambers!!!!

  20. Chris Regenye Why don't you see the wrong in burning another country's flag at one of our national conventions? If you believe in a 2 state solution, then say that! But burning the Israeli flag indicated you don't want Israel to exist! Listen to that horrible chanting. Are you one of them?
    Are you anti semetic?

  21. You got to wonder what would have happened if the "democrats" had a little more common sense and voted for Sanders, instead of the old, lying, stealing, cheating white trash Hillary?
    Sanders would probably bomb Israel. But even if not, he should be ashamed of himself for having such arabonazis for supporters.
    Years ago I red about a book, written by a doctor, where the author claimed that in order to be a "liberal" you must have some mental disease. I start believe in his theory.

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