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Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

On Saturday night, Prime Minister Netanyahu called on French and European Jews to come home to Israel.

Other MKs have repeated the same message, and have called on French Jews to make Aliyah.


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  1. To be a good or observant Jew there is no condition whatsoever to have to live in Israel. To encourage Jews to abandon their birth countries where they may have generations of personal history is a poor alternative to helping them protect their rights as loyal citizens of those countries. Aliya should only be an act of choice and preference by the individual and not under duress unless there are dire circumstances. France is a wonderful country with an incredible culture with one big problem, Islamic Extremism but they are not the only ones. European Jews should stand their ground as long as their governments support them.

  2. PM Netanyahu is right, Jews need to go home to their homeland Israel where God promised to prosper them. These extreme events are allowed by God to happen so that Jews will come home. You will be a great nation again in the Promised land and nobody could touch you there. Please fulfill your destiny to be a blessing to those who bless you and a curse to those who curse you. May God continue to prosper you.

  3. The European nations and some other civilized world are already given over to the enemy. They will surely be punished by their own stupidity for allowing devils to penetrate into their country. They should have know better. This is the result of abandoning the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Get out from there now. They will become Islamic in no time.

  4. My four grandparents fled the Jewish Pale of Settlement with no money, illiterate and unable to speak anything but Yiddish. The antisemitism in France is much like Czarist Russia, The government allows Muslims/Cossacks to rule themselves in territory within its boarders under Sharia law and attack Jews at will. Jews cannot go out of their houses/stitels, worship or run their businesses because of terror and the fear of attack. The GOVERNMENT will not do anything to end the terror and implicitly supports the terror state – same as in Czarist Russia. In addition, the French and its government support the creation of Palestine, which will be run by Hamas, a terrorist organization whose charter calls for the genocide of all Jews, American, Israeli, French, European and all diaspora Jews alike. They support Abbas and the Palestinian Authority, who only last week told France's ally Iran that he would destroy Israel once he got statehood and kill all its Jews. French, in fact all European Jews need to leave. The have de facto, if not de jure been expelled already. Unlike pre Shoah Europe, Jews have a homeland to go to Israel and French Jews should avail themselves of that blessing.The future is what matters and French Jews must think of their children and grandchildren – the future – resistance if futile. There is no future for French Jewry. I say give France what it wants. A Jew free France.

  5. There is sprititual Eretz Yisrael of the heart and physical Eretz Yisrael. Just as Jews should be granted the freedom to tap their spiritual roots to their hearts desire, governments should make their presence safe wherever Jews choose to live. I travel the world inspiring people from all religions and races to symbolically weed out hatred, racism, and anti-Semitism. I feel as much at home in Ferguson MO, as I do in Berlin, as I do in Petah Tikvah.

  6. This is what happened 600 years ago when Jews were ousted but, similarly England did the same, Cromwell brought them back because the country was broke and it was considered unholy to handle money so hence the Jewish money-lenders saved the country – so what do we receive as a thank you – being told to go home! – We went home, to Israel and we are still being told to get out of Israel and give the place to palestinians – is there an answer, will peace ever prevail? – no, it is our lot in life to become broken but we are made of eisen (iron) and we come back and contribute whereever we land.

  7. Basha Kline You are shortsighted. Why stay in the U.K. were a BBC executive says he is uncomfortable to be a Jew in Britain. Actor Jason Isaacs parents fled the U.K. to escape antisemitism. Why make a stand – so your children will reject being Jewish and you will be abused? My grandparents did the right thing. I live in suburban NYC and the Jewish population of my county is larger than the entire Jewish population of England and the antisemisitsm is still widespread and palpable. Your name indicates that you are ultra Orthodox and live in an ultra Orthodox cocoon like Monsey NY, New Square New York or parts of Williamsburg Brooklyn. I hope you don't have children.

  8. You venemous cow Susan, you presume an awful lot, entirely ass-upward I may add. You are so sure of yourself but it is your grandparents you should be grateful to for finding you a bolt hole but I am sure they would be disappointed in your mean attitude during such tragic times that you want to spread sewage? Jews should join forces and be aware wherever we live so whether or not I am ultra Orthodox, whether or not I have children, is not relevant in these times – just like you I wish to speak my mind but yours, it seems is crumbling from agressive inuendos.

  9. Holocaust . Biafra . Ethiopia war . Russia .
    Masada and so on . All these were previous
    attempts to stamp out Jewish presence around
    world , thanks to Ben Gurion and the UN
    for making a Jewish land a reality in 1948.
    In the light of foregoing , I support the call
    by Netanyahu that French Jews should return
    home rather than perish under the weight
    growing anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism in
    Europe . Israel is big enough to accommodate
    all endangered Jews around the world in
    readiness for the oncoming battle of Megiddo .
    Godwins Akkub

  10. Basha Kline LOL! Going crazy over an internet exchange. My you need meds. Insult me. I find it really amusing. I like cow – we don't use it here in America. I have never been sure what that means. Someone out there, tell me what she means. I have to know. He he!

  11. I pray that the remaining French Jews will heed PM Netanyahu's call to come home. Joining the more than 7,000 French Jews have done so by the end of 2014. By the end of 2013 3,000 plus made aliyah and by the end of 2014 another 4,000 plus French Jews made the wise decision to make aliyah for the total of 7,000 plus.

  12. It is great to have 'like-believers' living and sharing together, but…. I am afraid that if all the world's jews congregated in one area, there would be a hateful follower of Satan (under whatever alias) that would go and blow them all up with a drone. The "Keeping together" that Rabbi Hillel encouraged, does not have to mean "in the same convenient spot" … for the terrorists.

  13. Jews of Nigeria are in solidarity with Israel. That is
    why the current Nigerian President Jonathan with
    Jewish roots didn't vote to support Palestine at
    the United Nations . That is why Israel should
    support the current re-election bid of President
    Jonathan in Nigeria instead of his arch-rival and
    Moslem counterpart , Buhari . This man will be
    against Israel and support Palestine .
    All in all , Israeli and U.S support for Jews in
    Nigeria will help them secede and form their
    own Zionist nation like Israel and give Israel a
    trusted close ally in West Africa . First step is to
    formally recognize them as Jews and then
    support them all the way national freedom . I
    am ready to help on this if called upon to do
    so by Israeli govt . Biafra nation is our long term
    goal in Nigeria . So help us G-d .

  14. I would do it tomorrow, if my wife agreed. I'm an American Jew living in Eastern Europe (Romania) with our 4 year old (Duel Citizen) and 14 year old (Romanian Citizen), my wife is a Non-Jew Romanian National, and she is concerned with the cost of living in Israel. Whats a brother to do? Open for suggestions………………………….

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