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Grande Synagogue de Paris

For the first time since World War II, the Grand Synagogue of Paris did not run Shabbat services on Friday night, according to a JPost report.

During the HyperCacher hostage situation, the Paris shul was evacuated, and did not reopen on Friday night.


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    I stand with the Jews who were slain yesterday and all the others who have been tortured, mocked and ridiculed, and mostly ignored by the French government for decades, paying no heed to their cries for justice. Instead the country's elites pandered to the left, to Arab causes, and even of late voted for a PA state in Jewish territory. I have little use for the French. They never before cared about the problems of Islamization until now, they were comfortable feeding their Jews to the Muslims – appeasement was the attitude. Now that their elite are being attacked, they are coming out full force. Too bad they didn't do it years ago before radical Islam took over. They had the means to nip it in the bud, but they chose to ignore it. Too bad. Viva Les Juiffs.

  2. I have always maintained that synagogues must be able to be folded up and taken away – to have these magnificent structures as a gift to Hashem only leads to jealousy and emboldens hatred toward Jews and our lifestyles. Even most of the marvelous wooden synagogues over Europe have been destroyed, many have had Jews herded into them and burned alive. I feel heartbroken to mention such an outlandish suggestion but how many times do we have to leave these synagogues, loved and nurtured as family members and move on to start over?

  3. Alan Kardon What do you mean "Stand Up and Fight?" I am ashamed as a Jew to know that the Grande Synagogue (also known as La Synagogue De La Vistoire" did not have services friday night. How pitiful! What kind of victory is that. We Jews need to show strength and pride and follow Charlie's statement "I would rather die standing up in glory, than to live on my knees!" At least in honor of Charlie, this synagogue should have hired guards and stayed open even if only two or three people came. I am sick and tired of Jews mostly being afraid. Of course, I realize that being French and Jewish makes them twice afraid. The French mostly have not shown bravery since Joan of Arc.

  4. Basha Kline You don't seriously think that a fancy shul caused anti-semitism. They simply hate and want to kill us. Its the Jew that needs to leave, not the shul. Take the sefer Torah scrolls and the people and get out. Preferably, it would be great if they all went to Israel but they just need to get out and be safe. They can then build an even nicer shul wherever they go. When it is time to go, you go.

  5. Mordichai Shuchat so you are saying that the Jews should stay in France? If they could protect themselves it would be a different story. They live in a country that will not protect them and yes, they should leave. If we don't learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it. You say "we should stand strong until Moshiach"… My father told me they said that in Hungary too. A lot of good it did them. Easy for you to tell the French Jews to stay while you are sitting in NYC

  6. The Moslems say that Mohammed in the 7th century offered three options to his opponents:
    a- Conversion
    b- Pay Jizya
    c- or, Die

    In our days, in the 21st century, the Islamism is making the same offers.
    What is the difference? Only time – one thousand four hundred years..!

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