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Police and the Jerusalem municipality on Tuesday destroyed a garden that had been erected in the neighborhood of Ras al-Amud in eastern Jerusalem, in memory of 47 Jerusalem terrorists killed in the recent wave of terror, Ynet reported. Each terrorist had an olive tree planted in his or her memory. Each terrorist’s picture was hung next to their tree, with accompanying graffiti of praise on a nearby wall.

The whole neighborhood was invited three weeks ago to the ceremony of launching the little memorial park for the murderers who devoted the last days of their lives to killing or trying to kill Jews. Neighborhood residents were honored with planting the olive trees.


The police and the municipality carried out the demolition after they had found out that the park of the martyrs had been created in a public area without a permit. Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan congratulated the demolition force for acting quickly and with great determination in Ras al-Amud. “Police will continue to act with determination against every incitement event and expression of support for terrorism throughout the State of Israel, be it in memorials to terrorists, funerals, Muezzin sermons, or the social networks, and apply the law fully to punish those responsible,” Erdan said.

City agents and police removed the plants, pictures and graffiti. Police has launched an investigation to find the persons responsible for creating the park.

Maor Tzemach, head of the association Lach Yerushalayim (For You, Jerusalem), called on police to arrest the heads of the PLO in the city, whom he said were behind the “Shahids Garden.” Lach Yerushalayim was first to alert the authorities about the existence of the park. Tzemach also called on the city to impound the park and fence it.


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