Photo Credit: Nour Shamaly/POOL/Flash90
Pope Francis touching the Suicide Bomb Prevention Wall on his way to celebrate a mass in the Manger Square, in Bethlehem on May 25, 2014.

Pope Francis told Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas that he can be “an angel of peace,” (“lei possa essere un angelo della pace”) during the public meeting with the PLO leader in the Vatican.

They also held a 20 minute private meeting afterwards.


The Pope has also decided to officially recognize the state of “Palestine”.

Francis apparently wouldn’t recognize the Angel of Death if it stared him in the face.

Note: Both AP and AFP incorrectly translated the Pope’s statement in their reports, as definitively calling Abbas is an angel of peace, as opposed to the actual statement, where he said he could be one: “May the angel of peace destroy the evil spirit of war. I thought of you: may you be an angel of peace.”


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  1. The Pope keeps alive the Conccordato Romano with Hitler…a wolf talking about peace and justice. No, the Catholic Church does not represent the followers of Jesus Christ who were Jews by 326 AD Constantine introduced official paganism and Jesus teachings were turned into man-made religion to our days. No Pope appears in the Scriptures, Peter never went to Rome. Paul did and his ministry was among the goyim. So many lies and corruption. Dominus Vobiscum!

  2. Him and Abbas angel of peace? Pope representing the Gospel of love, integrity, honesty, prosperity, abundance, eternal life? but in reality is speaking what the devil telling him to say….do not trust him…see him with two eyes and more….

  3. Well I see all you Christian are riding high on your horses. Quick to judgment and condemnation. You have no right to judge. That is for God alone. You forget the bible was written and re-written by men. How many versions have there been? Hundreds. The bible you use now is based on the Catholic version. What about the Anglican version? The other versions? How do they compare? I will admit this was a surprise from the Vatican. At least find out why he made this declaration before passing judgment. We only know what the media feeds us. The media loves to stir the fundie pot and ppl jump in feet first to pass judgment. Israel is far from lily white in this mess. No situation is ever one-sided.

  4. I hate to think of the pope as evil. I prefer him to be niave. He has no place in diplomacy. As a devout Christian, I am appalled. I don’t see how one can be a Christian and not love Israel and God’s own Chosen People. I love Israel because I love God and want His Blessing

  5. Epoch ago, in then anti-Israel USSR a leading scientist stated in a leading central newspaper that renaissance began for Christian holy places since Israel occupants allowed assess to and restoration of historic structures neglected intentionally under powers "non-occupying" before 1967.
    Back to theology, is a nature of angel dynamics a dogma for this Pope, or?

  6. Vincent, it really makes no difference
    as to the way he framed his words…it's his actions that speak the loudest…disrepectful!!! no!!! how could you possibly excuse this Pope? do you not understand who he is aligning himself with? Abbas is a terrorist leader…how could he ever become an angel of peace…you want a comment retracted or to be unsubscribed…this Pope is hugging the Islamic Hitler…Islam wants all of us dead Vincent!!! ALL!!! not just Jews…it's all who will not follow Allah! it's death to all of us Vincent…what does this tell you about this Pope?

  7. I agree with you: he said: You can be an angel of peace! NOT: he is the messenger of peace!
    On those who wants to criticize the Pope and abuse, he tries to make peace.
    Then those who preached to finally go out of safe countries to Israel
    and help to make peace!
    Every single person who is trying in this region to make peace in my eyes is a "treasure"!
    .Luk 2.14: "peace on earth, good will?
    Shalom and Salaam to Israel!
    It is possible, if a good will is there !!!!

    Neve Shalom and / or Wahat al-Salam (.. Heb נווה שלום, Arabic واحة السلام, DMG Wahat as-Salam dt, "Oasis of Peace"; inscription in English as Neve Shalom) is a Peace Village. It is equidistant from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, and was founded in the early 1970's by Bruno Hussar on the land that had the neighboring monastery of Latrun leased the village. The village is inhabited by Jewish and Arab Israelis. "You sit down together for equality and understanding between the two peoples a." [1] By 2012, the village has grown to more than 60 families, with equal numbers of Jews and Arabs. The plan is a population of 140 families

  8. Michael Savage the "Savage Nation" talk show host – say's Pope Frances is an open Communist. His record in hIs home Country proves it and most of what he has done and said as the new Pope – proves it. NOW, having falling in love with a murderer and sadist, he has lowered a great church to the level of the blood thirsty murderer. What a disgrace ! This IS GAME CHANGING and very dangerous for ISRAEL.

  9. From the standpoint of Abu Mazen – “angel of peace” – everything that the Jewish People are building from the Jordan to the Mediterranean Sea is settlement…!
    If you understand this then you can understand essentially what the Palestinians want, and also why in Europe they say "Free Palestine".
    It's clear, isn't it? Palestine without Jews!
    Why is this?
    Because Europe does not greatly regret the Holocaust…!

  10. What comments beside yours are 'off the mark' rabbi? it is you who are way off the mark…funny that you should concentrate on a quote, instead of the extreme danger that this alliance has for Jews and Israel…'anger!' yes!!! why shouldn't we be angry…and why aren't you rabbi??

  11. WRONG! He did NOT call Abbas the ‘Angel of Peace.’ His statements “were a reminder of Abbas’s obligation to become a ‘channel of peace’, not praise for Abbas’s ethereal personality. This distinction is one of intent, and that is crucial in this discussion.”

  12. I have absolutely no idea what Abbas can do nor do I believe he WILL do anything. However, I simply wanted to clarify that Pope Francis never called him an ‘Angel of Peace.’ I do not think Abbas nor the Palestinians have done ANYTHING nor will they do anything in the name of peace until they wipe out Israel. As we all remember Golda Meir’s quote ‘Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us.’

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