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Right-wing Jewish activists at a protest in Tel Aviv, staging torture by the Shin Bet of arrested Jewish extremists.

Jewish terrorists in the country are plotting to carry out more attacks as part of plan to topple the government and launch a rebellion with the aim of appointing a king over Israel, the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) charged Wednesday.

The unusual statement vehemently denied charges of extremist right-wingers that the Duma arson-murder suspects are being tortured. The Shin Bet accused supporters of the suspects and their lawyers of trying to spread a hate campaign against it in order to obstruct the investigations.


Previous charges by right-wingers that at least one of the suspects was denied the right to pray and to light Hanukkah candles already have been thoroughly squashed by authorities, and no one has challenged the denial.

The latest accusations are that one of the suspects tried to commit suicide and that interrogators attacked suspects’ private parts.

The Shin Bet stated today, as reported by the Hareidi Kikar Shabbat website:

The Jewish terrorists think that the State of Israel does not have a right to exist. Their vision is to topple the government through violence, including murder, and to launch a rebellion with the objective of appointing a king, damage relations with other countries and expel non-Jews and to harm minorities.They have an extremist anti-Zionist ideology and continue to carry out attacks even after the arson-murder at Duma, which they consider to be an example to copy.

The Shin Bet emphasized that the investigations of the suspects are being carried out with consultations with the judicial system and that more than 100 hearings already have taken place.

Charges of torture, damaging private parts and using electric shocks have been raised in the hearings and have been denied, as has been the claim that one of the suspects tried to harm himself by cutting his wrists.

The Shin Bet added:

These claims have nothing to do with reality. The aim of the lies is to create an atmosphere to blacken the name of the Shin Bet and to harm the ability to function by obstructing the probe.

A video, reported here earlier today, of a wedding complete with extremist right-wingers hoisting rifles in the air and stabbing the picture of an Arab baby, sent shock waves through the county and offered evidence of the danger of the small but militant terrorists.

They ostensibly are Orthodox Jews, a label that the Haaretz newspaper was careful to include in its sub-headline in the article on the video, implying a connection between them and Orthodox Jews, especially those in the national religious movement.

The Chief Rabbi of Israel, national religious Knesset Members, and leaders of the settler movement, thoroughly condemned the wedding celebration and the violence that extremists support. So far, nothing has been heard from right-wing rabbis in Judea and Samaria.

Several religious and political leaders of national religious movement have told The that the extremists do not listen to them or any other respected rabbi, are a cult and live in their own world.

Many if not most the terrorists and their supporters move from hilltop to hilltop in Judea and Samaria and are high school dropouts.

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