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A bomb threat near the Jerusalem Light Rail on Yafo Street and King George . July 17, 2016.

Israel Police reported that an Arab man attempting to board the Jerusalem light rail at 9:10 AM Sunday was carrying an explosive charge on his person. The attempted terror attack happened at the train stop near the corner of King George and Jaffa (Yafo) Streets, in central Jerusalem,

The man, who was standing next to the train stop raised the suspicions of train security guards who inquired about his shoulder bag. A guard examined the bag and found multiple pipe bombs inside.


The terrorist is a Palestinian Authority Arab in his twenties from Beit Ula in the Har Hebron region. He was detained and the entire area was quickly cordoned off.

Police and sappers are examining and dealing with the explosives bag.

The terrorist was arrested and taken to a local police station for interrogation.

The areas around Yafo Street and King George are currently shut down to all traffic.

The constantly alert Jerusalem light Rail guards saved many lives today.

The terrorist arrived at downtown Jerusalem on an Egged bus, but didn’t blow the bombs up on the bus as he wanted to explode them on the Jerusalem train.

Police are checking the area to see if he was not alone.

10:26 AM – Police have declared the event over. The Jerusalem Light Rail is running again.

Natan Epstein, who was on the train at the time, reports from the field what he saw:


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  1. No. The media had it wrong. There was NO confirmation. It was simply the guy saying he had bombs. It was only confirmed by police later.

    Not everything in the media is correct or confirmed. If you looked early on, many outlets, including this one, changed the language to say "suspected" or "possible". Only after police confirmed was it confirmed.

  2. Chaya Kauffman Do you have any idea what you are talking about? Firstly, I have over 10 years experience in law enforcement. So I am not a security guard, nor do I plan to be one. Secondly, as far as yentas like you are concerned, why stir the pot before it is bioling? Why scare people that there is a bomb on a train or in someone's bag before it is confirmed. Wanna report something? Tell it like it is – but don't say there is a bomb somewhere based on the word of a suspected terrorist! Do you know what the protocol is in such a case? Get yourself, and the terrorist away from the bag as quickly as possible. BUt of course, I would not expect you to understand any of that.

    Of course, the police should take it seriously. But the whole world doesn't need to know misinformation.

  3. That's it in a nutshell! The Judeo/Christian world view celebrates & values Life, which completly comfounds & mystifies them for all our energies to be focused on such while for some bizarre & demented reasons, valuing death & killing completely consumes their world view…the two obviously are incompatible.

  4. Ramping up all methods simultaneously. Car rammings, knives, explosive ordnance, guns. At the Head screaming out for Action Holocaust Denier, purveyor of blood libels (poisoning wells), calling for the destruction of Israel in Arabic,Abu Mazen aka Abbas holding office 10 years but only being elected for 4 years. Yet despite all this upon whom does the Obama Administration place the onus for no Peace yet?Israel, scapegoat of the World. I'm totally surprized the UN, Steven Hawkings and Al Gore havent blamed us yet for Climate Warming if youre one of his ilk that believe its man-made. How many Condemnations does tiny 7mm People Israel have versus the rest of the world combined of 7b People? This of course includes those progressive regimes Saudi Arabia, Iran, Egypt, Red China, Pakistan, just to mention a few.

  5. Denis MacEoin But while in jail their families are paid good money and they go to jail anticipating the day of their release which is negotiated when "peace" talks are forced on Israel by the US, when everyone knows it is only a ruse for the pigs to secure release of their terrorist killers. They need to die so they know the consequences.

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