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Lawmakers are calling last week’s ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court nixing the right to name Jerusalem, Israel as the birthplace of Americans born in the city, “very, very wrong.”

The chairperson and members of the Congressional Israel Allies Caucus are also calling on U.S. President Barack Obama to use his executive powers to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.


In an interview with NPR as well, Rep. Eliot Engel (D-NY), a co-chairman of the CIAC and co-sponsor of the Jerusalem passport law, called the Supreme Court ruling, simply, “very, very wrong.”

The outcry comes in the wake of last week’s decision by the Supreme Court blocking American citizens born in the holy city from stating their birthplace as “Jerusalem, Israel” on U.S. passports.

The Court struck down as unconstitutional a law written by the Congress that previously had allowed the Jewish State to be claimed as the birthplace of those born in Jerusalem.

It is unlikely that Obama will respond to the call of the Caucus, given that it was his administration who opposed the Zivotovsky family in Zivotovsky v. Kerry in the case last week.

Obama officials sided with the Supreme Court in maintaining that the Congressional law intruded on the president’s privilege to set foreign policy.

This battle has been ongoing between the two branches of government since Obama took office and is unlikely to end until he leaves, lawmakers have noted.



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Hana Levi Julian is a Middle East news analyst with a degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from Southern Connecticut State University. A past columnist with The Jewish Press and senior editor at Arutz 7, Ms. Julian has written for, and other media outlets, in addition to her years working in broadcast journalism.


  1. it is not in USA or any other country to decide for israel , jewish land Jerusalem, the fact and history had proven and well documented that jews lived and build Jerusalem, way before thier was england, french, america or any other country on world map today, this world belongs to the creator LORD , G-D , no human had the right to put borders for other nations, for those who go againts G-D will , will be punished and judged !!

  2. I don't get it. Are the people born in Jerusalem, who are now American citizens eligible for a USA passport, supposed to say they were born in Jerusalem, PALESTINE? The Obama Administration just won't quit in its anti-Israel rhetoric, which unfortunately, now turns into LAWS. This is truly taking a page from Goebbels….if you tell a lie enough times, it becomes the truth.

  3. There is no need for a reversal of the decision. Let’s be clear here. All the SC did was to reaffirm the president’s power to recognize countries & their capitals. It is President Obama who chooses not to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. It is he who needs to reverse his thinking. However I am sure he will continue in his ignorance to deny what the rest of us know to be true. Jerusalem is Israel; Israel is Jerusalem.

  4. There can be no peace for those that do not love peace.
    The city of Peace belongs to the children of Peace.
    Selah. JERUSALEM, the capital of ISRAEL, forever. It is written.
    Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. They shall prosper that love thee.

  5. United States official position on Jerusalem

    In 1990 the United States Senate adopted a resolution "acknowledging Jerusalem as Israel's capital" and stating that it "strongly believes that Jerusalem must remain an undivided city." The subsequent Clinton Administration refused to characterize East Jerusalem as being under occupation and viewed it as a territory over
    which sovereignty was defined. Vice President Gore stated that the US viewed "united Jerusalem" as the capital of Israel. In light of this
    designation, the US has since abstained
    from Security Council resolutions which use language which construes East Jerusalem as forming part of the West Bank (Judea and Samaria). In 1995, Congress passed the Jerusalem Embassy Act which declared that Jerusalem should remain undivided and that it should be recognized as Israel's capital.

    PUBLIC LAW 104–45—NOV. 8, 1995
    Public Law 104–45 104th Congress
    An Act To provide for the relocation of the United States Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, and for other purposes.

  6. Now is the time for the President to make it plain through action as he stated in many campaign speeches that Jerusalem is the capital of the State of Israel and move our embassy to Jerusalem to reinforce this reality once and for all

  7. Why do we have the arrogance to even try to change another countries Capitol? That is so bizarre .Because we give them money we can change their country.Really?There is not enough money in the world for that pompous act.Who the f**k are we?

  8. No, I Barry Soetoro does not and should not set aside SCOTUS decisions using executive authority, we have enough headaches because he does this too often on too many things as it is. The solution should be through legislation, not Barry’s pen and phone.

  9. Not surprisingly…. Obama again steps into the crap bringing pressure on SCOTUS to vote the way he wants… Which again demonstrates clearly his duplicity, manipulative mannerism, and worse riling negative global sentiment against Israel about a subject which is NOT the business of the US to decide. Israel, just like the USA, as sovereign countries do have the right to self determination which includes the right to decide which city is it’s capital!! POTUS DOES NOT DICTATE TO ISRAEL ABOUT ANYTHING!

  10. Finally someone in power has the balls to tell the supreme they are only supreme idiots. How dare they make can grossly wrong decision call about another country. I don’t hear a condemnation about Russia, Islamic countries or African rebels. Who the heck do they think they are. Not very bright, astute or deserving of one ounce if respect. At least they are basically all old and sick. We won’t have to suffer these fools for a long time.

  11. It won’t happen. The Book is written, folks, and so is the ending. The scriptures teach that ALL nations will turn against Israel. That gives me no pleasure to say that, for I am an ardent supporter of Israel and the Jews, but we are in the end of days, and YHVH’s will be done. Let us trust HIM in all things

  12. Let’s see….the world is ran by Jesuits…..the Pope is also the first Jesuit pope….the popes call themselves VICARS. VICAR means..” Instead of or in place of God.” THE SUPREME COURT ARE ALL CATHOLICS EXCEPT FOR TWO AND SPEAKS AND RULES FOR THE VATICAN. IT IS THE UNGODLY ACT AND DESIRE FOR THE VATICAN TO MOVE TO JERUSALEM AND B E THE GOD OF THE O N E WORLD RELIGION…..JESUITS CREATED ISLAM….

  13. Who do you think appointed some of these Supreme Court justices? They are doing Barry’s and the UN’s will. If they can separate Jerusalem from Israel then they can control the worlds religions. They will control who can enter the area and who can worship there. Remember Satan will sit in Jerusalem and proclaim himself to be God. How can he do this if he (or UN) doesn’t own the place.

  14. Linda, don´t worry, all christians were and are the enemies of jews=Israel. It never happened that the enemies of the jewish people survived. Not even the great ones. Of course we suffer but we manage to survive as for the enemies…………

  15. Why should he? Until a final peace treaty, Jerusalem is considered a divided city. No President from either party will change this. That is number one. Number two, a President cannot overrule a Supreme Court Decision. Checks and Balances, if any of you ever studied US history. Finally, what was this family doing wasting the court’s time with this nonsense. As long as the kid gets a valid passport, what difference does it make?

  16. Well it's the Congress that will have to battle this beast because they make it impossible for him to do anything. So if anyone in Congress wants it changed they are gonna have to free his hands and let him without all the bicker and snicker. Or else just deal with it as it is.

  17. US supreme court should be called supreme idiots! no credibility!….can’t recognize reality…play politics…should be dismantled! a bunch of non-sense! Shame on them, in the entire judiaciary US system…not working…Should deal better with the US racism!

  18. Obama is using his power to go above what other’s feel about the situation. Obama does his own, and not what is right. Many American’s are not for his ruling. He is not the Supreme Court Judge. He takes his power way beyond the scale of measures. Many want Obama out, many are not pleased with his performance as a President.

  19. Clyde, you obviously did not read the article; if you did, you’d know that the Supreme Court did nothing of the sort. This matter involves the PRESIDENT’S foreign policy on Israel, which is that the US doesn’t recognize Jerusalem as being under the control of ANY one nation.

  20. Alicia, please read the article, it does explain that this involves a dispute between Congress and the President over which Branch of our government sets foreign policy. The decision has NOTHING to do with the Supreme Court telling Israel what its capitol is.

  21. The Supreme Court needs to read the Old Testament or Jewish Bible to find out that Jerusalem has always been the heart and soul of Judaism. If one was born in the city of Jerusalem they were born in the country of Israel. This ruling is a disgrace and a complete show of incompetence in understanding history and geography. Shame on the United Stated of America.
    There are some who argue that Texas really belongs to Mexico so are people born in Texas not Americans?

  22. this is one of those issues on which wasting a dime's worth of political capital is a mistake
    the crucial thing is peace and security; if the world doesn't jump and call J'lem all-Israeli, all they're doing is denying reality

  23. Oboma has no right to tell Israel what to do…he doesnt live there..he is not president or prime minister or even a native of Israel…Oboma stay out of Israel’ s business…you are going to stand before God on judgement day…you will not like your fate!

  24. This decision is anti-Semitic, Israel has been eager not to live in the United States. I have not found a really good reason to leave Israel. I have a family and still I am sure that my place is here suitable to live in Israel. Those who understand Islamic culture and the occupation of Europe and the United States. Islam was given as a gift.
    And the new resolution also seeks to give up Israeli passport.

  25. I've said it before, I'll say it again, and I'll (likely) keep saying it … when Israel itself FULLY believes that Jerusalem is its capital, and that the the WHOLE of the land belongs to them, then the worlds misguided fools will have no choice but to make the same recognition.
    The issue is in OUR hands as Jews and Israelis to stand the stand, and stop waffling.

  26. Enough of his executive powers, we have had enough of that nonsense. What the U.S. Supreme Court rules is not important as you are born under your flag, just as you are here. If you were born in Texas would they turn you down because it was once Mexico.

  27. Since when does the USA president or its courts have the power or right to determine a countries capital, or does that only apply to Israel ?
    And why does no-one remind Obama of his pre-election speech in which he stated that Jerusalem is the undivided capital of Israel.

  28. President Obama will not revese the Supreme Court decision. However as a Christian I do not agree with the Supreme Court. decision. Psalm 87 is clear that Jerusalem is the holy mountain of G-d. The holy mountain of G-d is among His chosen people. Those people are the Jews in Israel.

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