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Isaac Bachman, Israel's Ambassador to Sweden

Bali wrote:

Swedish Radio Studio A ask Israeli Ambassador Isaac Bachman whether Jews have a responsibility for anti-Semitism. Disgusting and despicable. 
That Jews bear responsibility for anti-Semitism is one of the oldest expressions of anti-Semitism. Public Service, yeah right.

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Finally, the radio station posted an abject apology for the offensive question, explaining that the question was entirely inappropriate in that it is “misleading and imposes guilt upon both individuals and a vulnerable group.” The management team “unreservedly apologized for the question.” The station decided to edit the interview so as not to “contribute to the offensive audio being spread further.”

“All Swedish Radio News managers have met today to discuss what happened. We are now meticulously overseeing our editorial routines. We are doing everything to avoid the possibility of repeating something like this in the future.”

Ambassador Isaac Bachman is a diplomat to be emulated. He refused to back down or submit when asked an offensive question, yet he was able to help turn a horribly painful experience into a learning experience which has already had an impact on the understanding of anti-Semitism by Swedes in positions of power.



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