Photo Credit: Jerusalem Municipality
The Terem Emergency Medical Center in Armon HaNatziv.

The staff at the Terem Medical Center, a network of private immediate care medical clinics, found by Dr. David Applebaum HY”D, were surprised when the Armon HaNetziv branch in Jerusalem received a letter from an angry Arab woman they apparently treated, according to a mynet report by Moshe Heller.

The Arab Jerusalemite wrote that she was upset that the Terem Medical Center had Israeli flags hanging for Israel’s Independence Day.


She claimed it hurt her sensitive feelings and the feeling of other Arabs visiting the medical center, including the Arab doctors and medical staff who work in Terem and identify with the “Palestinian-Arab minority”.

In the letter, the wounded Arab wrote, “The clinic serves all people without differentiating between religion, race or nationality, and therefore, it is inappropriate that dozens of the Israeli-Jewish national flags were hung in the clinic.”

The Terem Medical Center was founded in 1989 by Dr. David Applebaum HY”D — an incredible human being and Jew.

Dr. Applebaum and his daughter Naava were murdered by Arab terrorists on September 9, 2003, when an Arab suicide bomber blew up a Jerusalem cafe the night before Naava was to get married.

Dr. Applebaum was also the chief of emergency room and trauma services at Shaare Tzedek hospital.

He revolutionized the treatment of victims of Arab suicide bombings.

Terem treats over 400,000 people annually all over the country, and as the letter writer said, without discrimination, not towards the medical staff, and not towards the patients.

While no one at Terem would ever say it, I will.

If this Arab letter writer isn’t happy with the Israeli flags in this Israeli medical center founded by a Jewish doctor murdered by Arab terrorists, then she should go find some Arab medical center that will treat her. We can recommend one in Syria.

My blood is boiling.


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  1. Why? If the hospital is financed or subsidized by the Israeli taxpayers..and within the territory of the host country,it is just right for the hospital to display the symbol of the Israelites.
    These Arabs are so stupid…why not build your own hospital and cover it with the flag of their choice.

  2. That woman has given a new meaning to the word chutzpah. How can there ever be peace when deluded people like her, aided and abetted by the EU, Obama, Kerry, Iran, Carter, Waters, and all the others who want to feel virtuous on the back of Israel continue their nefarious work?

  3. Bent – funny, the Med Center, whose founder was killed by an Arab terror attack, isn’t offended by Arabs who are treated there. In fact, it prides itself on treatment for all and no discrimination. As has been said – let her go somewhere else if she doesn’t like it. I’m sure the myriad of hospitals and clinics built by Hamas and the PA over the last ten years with the millions in foreign aid will not be displaying Israeli flags. No such hospitals and clinics have been built by the Palestinians’ respective elected governments? Maybe she can get her healthcare in one of the tunnels running under Nahal Oz then.

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