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Daphna Meir HY"D and her husband

An Arab construction worker, working inside the community of Otniel, entered into a home around 5:30 PM, and stabbed and murdered a 38 year-old woman. The woman was taken to Soroka Medical Center by helicopter in critical condition.

The woman, identified as Daphna Meir HY”D, was murdered in front of 3 of her children. Daphna was a mother to 4 children, as well as two foster children.


She worked as a nurse in Soroka hospital.

Givati Brigade soldiers are searching for the escaped terrorist through the Arab village of Khirbet Karma, near Otniel. The IDF is also still searching for the terrorist inside Otniel, but it’s becoming clearer that he is no longer there.

The community is currently under full lock-down as the army searches for the terrorist.

The funeral for Daphna Meir will leave from Otniel at 9 AM Monday morning, and the funeral will be held in Givat Shaul at 11 AM.

Givati soldiers looking for Otniel killer

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  1. If Israel wants to survive they MUST institute the death penalty NOW. The justice must be swift, almost immediate, for acts of terrorism…killing, maiming and attempted murder, which includes using rocks as murder weapons. There is a precident…it's the G-D of Israel who advocates measure for measure.

  2. Without a doubt the death penalty must be instituted, but a terrorist is already on a Kamakazi mission knowing he will probably die in the end. You must also banish the household of the terrorist to gaza. This is the house that taught him to hate they are guilty of incitement. A strict motor must be in place live with us in peace or don't live with us.

  3. How can a people earn political freedom by such cruel and inhuman acts? They complain about dehumanizing road blocks? Gimme a break. They do not deserve a nation when they demonstrate daily that they have no ability to live in peace.

  4. If Islam is a religion of peace than the Imam should not allow radicals to worship in that particular Mosque. If a radical is found to be in a partucular Mosque than that Imam should not allow that individual to worship there. The individual will than have the choice of living in peace or lose his opportunity to worship. If an Imam allows radicals to worship in that Mosque than the Mosque should closed down.

  5. I am so sad to hear of this terrible murder.My thoughts and prayers are with the family and all in Otniel and may Hashem comfort your hearts. With loving prayers and thoughts from New Zealand.May He who watches over Israel comfort your hearts.

  6. I am glad the terrorist who murdered Mrs. Meir has been found and arrested. Yet I feel sad at the same time that the murderer is a teenager. Just a kid! I blame the Palestinian Arab leadership and his parents for it! They raising their kids to hate.

  7. ..and they shall go to heaven for killing an unarmed, civilian, nurse, mother of four with diapers in her hands..
    for g-d's sake, definitely this world need a savior.. to turn every dna of hatred inside their blood.. clearly we need inject them with new blood, blood for blood.. aye mate?

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