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Scene of suicide bombing on Istiklal Street near Taksim Square in central Istanbul, March 2016.

Gunfire was heard in the Turkish capital of Ankara late Friday as the Turkish military announced it was seizing control of the country, Reuters reported.

The military released a statement saying its armed forces have ‘fully seized control’ Turkish state television was seized by an entity calling itself the “Turkish Peace Council,” and the military chief of staff was taken into custody.


It was not possible to reach Israeli or U.S. contacts via social media; international journalists said social media access has been blocked.

Some 2200 U.S. troops and 1500 foreign U.S. citizens were warned to “shelter in place and stay indoors” late Thursday night.

Military tanks were seen rolling through the streets and low-flying jets were flying sorties overhead, eyewitnesses told Reuters.

Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim confirmed that a group within the military has indeed engaged in an attempted coup.

Eyewitnesses told international media they saw the jets and helicopters flying above Istanbul, Turkey’s largest city and an ancient metropolis straddling both the continents of Europe and Asia, once known to historians as Constantinople.

According to the Turkish Daily Sabah website, both bridges in Istanbul that span the mightly Bosphorus strait that separates the two continents have been closed to traffic.

As of five pm Friday afternoon New York time, it was not yet clear what the outcome will be, but it is clear that whatever the outcome, the ramifications for the State of Israel will be serious either way.

Israel and Turkey had just reached a reconciliation agreement barely two weeks ago after a six year freeze in diplomatic ties. There are numerous Israeli business owners, artists and musicians who live in Turkey and/or travel to and from the country.

It remains to be seen how the current state of affairs will affect Israelis, Jews and Americans who are currently in Turkey, as well as those who regularly do business with their Turkish counterparts and travel in and out of the country.



  1. The time has come that the world will wake up and realize that Muslims extremists pose a danger to world peace.

    Before the hypocrites and special interests would accuse me of racism, the intention is that Muslim extremists, not all those who are Muslim by his faith.

    There is a line between radical Muslims like Erdogan, the Iranian government, Hamas, Isis, Hizbollah and other extremists of all kinds.

    They are convinced that their way (unclear even to them) is the only one that can take place, hate others and are willing to oppress and kill all those who live and think differently among them even of their own people.

    Time for world leaders to understand, it came to their own yard. This wave is not a trend not going to pass, but to overcome and to increase the killing and chaos.

    The time to act against this threat is now, otherwise we’d all be ongoing bloody war.

    There is no reason for hatred of Muslims wherever they are, mostly, I believe seek to live in peace, many of them suffer injuries and even these are extreme.

  2. Israel should never have sent the $20m to Turkey for the marvi mamara incident and should never have regained ties with the country as it is volatile and unstable. Turkey has had more coups than a pigeon… Good thing Britain came out of the EU because there would have been a mass immigration crisis from Turkey – Let Scotland have them instead as they want to remain in the EU – if that was the case, then England will have to build a complete wall of separation of the two areas otherwise they will pour down to England like a waterfall.

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