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Jeremy Bird, working for Israeli campaign outfit V15, shown at Ted Talk, May 20, 2014.

Jeremy Bird, the Team Obama community organizing campaign wizard, has come far from his early midwestern roots. He is currently ensconced in a tiny office in Tel Aviv, working to defeat Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the upcoming March elections through the V15 campaign vehicle of the Peaceworks Network Foundation.

Bird was born in a small town in Missouri, and attended Wabash College in Indiana.


But small town boys can become big time operatives, particularly after spending time in that hothouse of hubris, Harvard University. Bird attended Harvard’s Divinity School from 2000 until 2002, where he encountered Big Ideas and learned he could do Big Things.

While in Cambridge, Bird came under the wing of Edmund Hanauer, a bilious defamer of Israel. In 1972, Hanauer founded Search for Justice and Equality in Palestine/Israel. Hanauer firmly believed that Israel was able to “disregard international law, human rights and democratic values” because of the amount of U.S. aid it received.

On Feb. 25, 2002, while Bird was working with him, Hanauer penned an op-ed which ran in the Milwaukee Sentinel, “The Double Standard Must End.”

The loathing for Israel is woven through his words, even as he used a tagline with an invaluable hecksher: “Edmund Hanauer, American Jewish political scientist.”

In that op-ed, which ran just days before Bird appeared with Hanauer at a Bash Israel event at Harvard – more on that in a moment – Bird expresses outrage that President Bush condemned Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat’s actions as “terrorism,” while failing to similarly demand that “Sharon stop Israeli state terrorism.” That is what Hanauer considered the evil American double standard. He called it “selectively” defining terrorism.

Bird’s mentor also excoriated Bush in that op-ed for “making it harder for Arafat to stop Palestinian extremists” and “curb violence.” And this is what Bird’s boss claimed was the basis of the “cycle of violence.”

The suggestions Hanauer offers in that Feb. 2002 op-ed range from using diplomatic and economic pressure on Israel to grant Palestinian rights (he was calling for U.S. government boycotts – way ahead of and more extreme than the current failing BDS revolution), allowing all Palestinian Arab “refugees” their “full rights” and an end to the “occupation” of Gaza, Judea and Samaria and East Jerusalem.

Oh, and Hanauer also cited as if fact, the vile Chris Hedges’ quote in Harper’s magazine that Hedges “visited many war zones, but only in Gaza has he found soldiers killing children for sport.”

The entire op-ed is rife with examples of how wrong, evil and anti-democratic Israel is, with a few crumbs of “balance” by admitting there are some Palestinian extremists. But Hanauer dilutes that balance by blaming the U.S.-funded Sharon for preventing Arafat from stopping those extremists due to Israel’s brutality and its history of “dispossession, systematic discrimination and a consistent assault on the basic rights” of Arafat’s people.

We know that Bird was thoroughly marinated in Hanauer’s mindset, because the same themes and message in that op-ed were what both Bird and Hanauer pressed at an event they put on for a Harvard audience the same week the op-ed was published, as revealed in a Harvard Crimson article about that event.

It is interesting that this twisted blame-only-Israel, pro-Arafat background was not revealed when Jeremy Bird played an instrumental role in U.S. President Barack Obama’s two campaigns for presidency, or his continuing role thereafter in Obama’s Organizing for America, for which Bird was deputy director.

But at least Bird’s blame-only-Israel background should be known now that he is playing a huge role in the V15 effort to overthrow Netanyahu. Or is it overthrow Israel?


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  1. If Israelite should remove Netanyahu,…the whole country of Israel will suffer from terrosit. Israelite people hv to realize that,….the only reasion why Israel steel safe today …its only becauce PM Netanyahu still the leader of Israel and He is doing right thing to protect Israel.

  2. Abourezk’s tin soldier still at work over there eh ?

    7-2014 – food for thought …. A Date With Destiny ….

    “Since the early 1970’s former senator Arab (Lebanese)-American James Abourezk started comparing the Israel / Palestine conflict to that of Native Americans and the U.S government.
    He categorized Palestinians as Indigenous people to garnish support and sympathy for his agenda to create militant domestic terrorist on this continent.
    His social programing script is NOW being played out on Main_Stream Americans with support from the Executive Office of the President. (Obama)”

  3. Israel dont fall for Obamas tricks.Obama doesnt like BiBi because BiBi wont play Obamas game… Obamas dad a sunni muslem ,that makes Obama a sunni muslem.dont fall for this.stand strong Israel,come together and send them back home where they belong….

  4. I think the people of Israel are smart enough to know what's going on. They know with Obama being a muslim he hates everything about Israel & Netanyahu. He's seething right now because he doesn't like people playing his game, so he won't meet with Bibi-just as well.

    Obama claims he supports Israel but he has to say that because of the many supporters in Congress & many American people. This group of instigators & frauds will find resistance with the good people of Israel. In the end, all they really want to do is "transform" Israel-not improve it- just like Obama has "transformed" America. They really want a Palestinian state. Shut them down!

  5. #OBAMA has no right to interfere with the elections in Israel. He is anti Semitic and sides with the #Palestinians in #Gaza. All activists in #Israel trying to oust #Netanyahu should be jailed or thrown out of the Country.
    To the people of Israel, you would have to be brain dead not to understand Obama organization is anti Israel and if you don't keep Netanyahu in power, you will put yourselves in danger of being attacked by Radical Muslims. Obama needs Bibi out so he can gain in the Muslim world.

  6. Leave it to another bad choice that administration does! It's not legal here but he entitles himself to have a person or persons to undermine the election in March. The Israeli's see what your up to Obama, and their smarter than you give them credit for. I hope the USA show outrage for his move to oust Netanyahu. He is their only shot at keeping those that hate them safe. I can't even imagine them, thinking to put someone else in their not truly knowing their agenda for Israel??? There are many fake people out there and in Politics to pretending to have Israels back…

  7. Of course, this is not the first time US leftists have directly interfered in Israeli politics. Clown Prince Clinton did the same thing by sending his "consultants". And this is just what can be easily seen.

  8. Why does Israel allow this piece of Anti Semite to be there. Throw this scum of the earth leftist liberal democrat Obama ass kisser out of Israel now! Jeremy Bird you should drop dead!

  9. Let's hope and pray the Israeli people see thru this twisted Bird!!! He'd ruin Israel for sure!!! Netanyahu has proved himself to be a fine and loyal leader and should be voted back in!

  10. They don't even bother to cover it up any more. No wonder they resent Netanyahu addressing Congress. They prefer back alley work. This show the degree of their desperation. It will avail them nothing. Oh…who are they? you ask…duh…isn't it obvious? the fools…

  11. Jews of the world!
    United against the evil powers that try to destroy Israel.
    Help us keep the best and only worthy Prime Minister at present: Benjamin Netanyahu.
    Other candidates are worthless impotents.
    Those who try to push Netanyahu out, wish to eliminate Israel, as the Shelter for all Jews all over the world.

  12. Enemies of Obama list
    American middle class
    Automobile drivers
    American oilmen
    American manufacturers
    Small business owners
    Conservative families
    American military personnel

    To name a few

  13. Amen ! Obama thinks American people are stupid and believe his lies. He blames Israel and America for all the worlds problems. Israel has around 48 percent support from the right in America. The American left support terror and are pro palestine, they always have been.

  14. Yes vote for Bibi, I believe most Israelis know jeremy bird will not make things better for them. This guy's are attempting to undermine Benjamin netanyahu and it will backfire.

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