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The parent org's website homepage of new political campaign office in Israel.

There’s a new grassroots, door-to-door knocking, community organizing style campaign effort that just landed in Israel. It’s focused on hoping for change and changing for hope and taking-the-street-to-the-street style shake it up electioneering.

Flying in to run the show is none other than Jeremy Bird. The same Bird who was the deputy national campaign director and then national campaign director for Barack Obama’s 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns, respectively.


The new outfit is called V15 (as in Victory 2015), and it is a project of something called OneVoice, which is itself a program of the PeaceWorks Network, a non-profit, tax-exempt entity. Really. Funding this political campaign effort.

V15 sent out a press release in which it described itself as a “a non-partisan movement founded by young adults just as the 2015 Israeli elections were announced, V15 members have set aside party affiliation to disrupt the status quo.” But just about everybody else is calling it the “Anybody but Bibi” campaign.

So who is behind this V15, in addition to Obama’s former campaigns director? Well, as we learn from J.E Dyer, over at Liberty Unyielding, when OneVoice was formed in 2003, its inaugural board of advisers included Gary Gladstein. And who is Gladstein? He used to be the chief operations officer of Soros Fund Management. As in George Soros. Doesn’t it feel as if everything really, really awful has Soros’ fingerprints somehow, someway?

OneVoice explains in its 2014 Annual Report that it is dedicated to peaceful solutions in the Middle East. This is how it describes the actions it takes to bring about change:

promoting popular resistance, state-building, and the Arab Peace Initiative, while advocating for an end to the conflict and a two-state solution along the 1967 borders.

Hmm. Something is missing there. Nothing about ending terrorism or violence or incitement.

And it’s pretty much the same view of how to “resolve” the Middle East conflict that flows out of the White House and Foggy Bottom. In Secretary of State John Kerry’s requiem for Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah, he cited as one of the king’s greatest contributions, that the “courageous Arab Peace Initiative that he sponsored remains a critical document for the goal we shared of two states, Israel and Palestine.” 

Making cameo appearances in the OneVoice 2014 Annual Report are both Tzippi Livni and J Street. Not quite so apolitical as it claims.

Here’s another problematic aspect of this whole V15/OneVoice/PeaceWorks Network Foundation campaign effort. What does the PeaceWorks Foundation have to say about its OneVoice project on its tax return? It describes this project as an organization which “aims to amplify the voice of the silent majority of moderates who wish for peace and prosperity. These efforts are known as the OneVoice movement.”

And on its tax form, where it is required to state the purpose of grants it makes to entities or organizations outside of the U.S., including the grants it makes to the “Middle East and Africa,” the purpose it states is “educate peace and condemn violence.”  Nothing about running a campaign field office. And how could it, given it is a 501(c)(3) entity. Where is Lois Lerner when you need her?

Finally, there is another source of information about the kinds of bedfellows the V15/OneVoice/PeaceWorks Network keeps. It is the listing it provides of its partners. Along with at least half a dozen “peace” organizations and even the UK Conservative Party, it has lots of questionable listings. Those include: Association of British Muslims, the Christian Muslim Forum, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, the New Israel Fund, Yachad (the “British J Street”), Labour Friends of Palestine & the Middle East, the UK Labour Party and Labour Friends of Israel.

“partner” of V15’s parent organization

Their partners also include the European Commission and the U.S. Department of State.

There will be much more to come on V15.


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  1. People of Israel hv to be smart. If Israelite people CHOOSE V15 OneVoice,…do you think u israelite Can make PEACE WITH TERRORIST? DO u THINK after u choos a new president,
    you Jews become OneVoice with TERROSRIST..OR MAKE PEACE WITH THEM? Jews hv to realize that…Jews will come to END if you ever dream to come out with OneVoice or make peace with TERRORIST. There will be no peace in the middle east and no peace with terrorist. Terrorist never ever come out with you Jews with OneVoice. Its liar. Be careful. Natenyahu the best President if Jews rly wanted protection, peace and secure.

  2. Interfering in our elections is beyond chutzpah; and of course, the fact that they are package of anti-Israel organizations; super left wing Organizations; and pro-Arab orgs. At least we know who they and what they represent and what they wish for in Israel. And I do believe, that all of this posturing will be counterproductive.

  3. If the Arabs wanted the 1967 lines as borders, then they should not have attempted to destroy Israel in 1967. From 1949 to 1967, Jordan had Judea and Samaria and had renamed them the "West Bank" of Jordan. In all that time there was no attempt to build any Palestinian Arab state, and the PLO had actually declared (in its 1964 Charter) that they had NO CLAIM on the West Bank which was in Jordan.

    Organizations like this are beyond misguided.

  4. This reminds me of when Condi Rice had the CIA develop files on the personal lives of all of the Jewish leaders to try to find some dirt that the U.S. could use to blackmail them into voting their way on any "peace" initiatives. This is going to get very dirty. Every Israeli needs to know this is happening.

  5. I am hoping the Israeli voting public will not be sucked into this group of spin doctors spin. In fact I am hoping they have the opposite effect because of what Nobama and his white house cronies are obviously trying to do (FYI this is all because Nobama is having a tantrum about Bibi addressing congress about Iran which he does not want them hearing or having it highlighted as to how evil a regime Iran is and what they are really up to and that it will get media coverage). I hope the Israeli voters show they are smarter than this bunch of…..

  6. Does anybody filed a complaint to the US IRS
    due to the fact that OneVoice fund political activities and support Herzog in Israel while they benefit from a tax refund – 501(c)(3) ???

  7. It seems interesting to me that advocating for peace and an actual solution is taken as being anti-Netanyahu. That would seem to lead to the inescapable conclusion that Netanyahu stands for conflict and more war, and that opposing such things is a political move rather than a humanitarian one.

  8. Please explain your contention. Even if one were to accept that striving for an actual two state solution is political rather than humanitarian, are you alleging that the US government is funding this organization? There is no US law against a citizen or group spending money overseas in whatever way they see fit. If it's illegal under Israeli law, that's another story, but it has nothing to do with the US president. Far left agenda my ass. Obama is about as centrist as they come, by any rational and historic perspective. You guys are the ones who come off as radical loonies.

  9. No one is attempting to stop Netanyahu from addressing the US Congress. It's a politically foolish move on his part, fueled by hubris, but all Obama has said is that he won't be meeting with him because it's US policy to not show favoritism to foreign leaders shortly before an election. Netanyahu has continually shown disdain for the democratically elected leader of the US, the country that gives Israel over $3 BILLION dollars of military aid every year. He's depending on the coercive powers of the Israel lobby in the US, which threatens ANY lawmaker who dares differ from the Israeli government's talking points. If you DON'T think that's interference in US electoral politics and you DO find the organization in this story to be engaging in such in Israel, I suggest that you're exceedingly biased on this subject.

  10. There is a reality in Israel that no matter how much the narcissistic Obama and his compliant and bigoted State Department may try, he and they cannot overcome. Israeli voters are far more knowledgeable, involved and aware than the vast majority of American voters that have proved how easily they are swayed by a compliant, agendised and biased media. This American group are wasting their time and money trying to achieve what they did in the US getting the hidden imam of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue re-elected twice.

  11. Muslims are born and bred to revere Death and Martyrdom.

    We are born and bred to revere Life and Liberty !!!

    These Ideologies are diametrically opposed

    Never the twain shall meet but on the field of War !!

    No deal with the Fake PA that the Egyptian Muslim terrorist Arafat invented 50 years ago will change the Muslim ideology of Death and Martyrdom !!

    Muslims state that they love Death as much as Israelis love life !!!

    So how can there ever be peace. When only Israel desires peace and Muslims love death and war ???

  12. Anything that has Obamas fingerprints is evil and deadly. Obama will kill to get his way and so its imperative that this group and its sister groups are destroyed now. Obama does not want Israel to stop Iran. Obama is dead set on seeing Iran through its Atom Bomb development. This is why it is imperative that Obamas network in Israel be destroyed now.

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