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The UN Security Council Chambers

Venezuelan Ambassador to the UN Rafael Ramirez expressed his apology to Israeli Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon following his comments last week at the UN Security Council where he asked if “Israel wants a final solution to the Palestinians?”

On Wednesday, Ramirez met with Edmund Mulet, the UN Secretary General’s chief of staff, and said he regretted his language and apologized to Danny Danon personally.


Rafael Ramirez compared Israel to the Nazis.

“What is Israel planning to do with the Palestinians?” asked Venezuela’s UN Ambassador Rafael Ramirez. “Do the Israelis want the Palestinians to disappear? Is Israel preparing a ‘final solution’ for the Palestinians similar to that which was perpetrated against them?”when he asked “Israel wants a final solution to the Palestinians?”


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  1. I need a final solution to fear and poverty in the region so the burden on the Caribbean can be at ease.You guys are one family but need an outsider tobremind you the meaning of cousin.Why post the final solution lol? I mean just stay in your house chained.You are being narrow unnecessarily.Can you ask less of your own self?

  2. You know your fear is derived from the wrath of g-d.You cannot be angry.Every one for their own practices.In the Caribbean we don’t brand everything and the people are definitely not as weak and docile as Israel.You fail to take into account you need to have the power to control .Where now you hold arrogance.I do not mean to insult you.But The Israeli’s I know lack deep bravery and it is replaced by arrogant bravado.Just my honest opinion.Imagine you died for that.

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