Photo Credit: Asher Schwartz

According to the Iranian Al-Alam TV, the Russian air force accidentally bombed Iranian forces stationed in Aleppo, Syria.

It appears this incident happened as Syrian army and friends (Hezbollah, Iran) were launching a new offensive against the Free Syrian Army and al-Nusra front who control areas of northern Aleppo.


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  1. In this case, it probably was an accident since they are both backing Assad. Then again, the only reason Putin is backing Assad is so that he can carpet bomb markets, in order that the Europeans will be too distracted by the refugee crises to pay attention to what he is doing in Ukraine.

  2. John Jones No he is using Syria as a marketing tool for his Military wares. The Western concerns were showing combat proven gear often proven against Soviet sold equipment. Soviet military sales are 2nd or 3rd biggest export after natural gas. Sales were slipping so he needed to show the world his planes, copter, tanks, and missles work espically against captured Iraqi/American hardware.

  3. George Embrey I don't know bout Obama, but Putin is a very well known Iranian ally for a long time! He sent his scientists there to help Iranians to build their atomic bombs and to work in their laboratories. There are TONS of evidences bout that. Stop being blind.

  4. Dolinsky Tanya, perhaps you should consider that Russia also has commercial motivations and makes money from science like all other countries do. The USA and others did not believe that Iran have nuclear weapons and only with help of Obama Iran may end up with nukes.

    No one country is an ally to Iran, the USA, Russia, France all have interests with Iraq. There are no clearly defined borders or policies.

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