Jerusalem Arabs are continuing to target the Jerusalem Light Rail in violence intended to ensure the transit system will “never pass through Shuafat,” a northern Arab suburb of the capital.

Shuafat is also home to the family of 16 year old Muhammad Abu Khdeir, who was murdered last week. Six Jewish suspects have been taken into custody in connection with the case, and three have reportedly confessed to the crime.


Three Light Rail stops were utterly destroyed last week by Arab rioters, despite the fact that the rail is used by Arab commuters on a daily basis, as well as Jews, to reach their jobs in the city.

Nevertheless, extremist Arabs have said they are determined to destroy the Light Rail’s infrastructure to ensure the rail system cannot pass through Shuafat “ever.” Officials, meanwhile, have said it will take months to repair the damage to the stops once the violence has ceased.

The route of the Jerusalem Light Rail currently ends at Ammunition Hill (Givat HaTachmoshit), as it is no longer possible to use the infrastructure at Shuafat and Beit Hanina. This also cuts off access for the numerous Jewish residents who live in the northern Jerusalem neighborhood of Neve Yaakov.



  1. one clearly can see that their brains remained stuck in the eraly 1800’ies, the same reaction as the laborers in England that first saw the steam machines that were installed in the factories in order to help them – they started to smash them. And because these thugs are young people the logical conclusion isthat this is the main stream education that they receive from their parents and spiritual advisors (title does not matter). They are not fanatic, they are plain idiots, they strive to live at the shadows of their donkeys/mules and send their veiled women to clean the toilet after them. OK, stop light railway from passing that neighborhood and let these “whatever they think they are” explain to normal citizens why they can’t go to work in a civilized transportation means. Don’t arrest them, pack them and send them to the nearest caliphate location to play mortal kombat with the sunnis.

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