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Recently resigned UNHRC war crimes panel head William Schabas - Not a good Schabas

William Schabas, the man the UN Human Rights Council appointed to run yet another UN inquiry against Israel resigned on Monday, just prior to his report’s release this coming March, according to a Reuters report.

Schabas’s resignation appears to be a thinly disguised attempt to provide cover for the anti-Israel investigation and report, allowing the UN team to claim that Schabas’s anti-Israel bias had nothing to do with the final version.


Israel has repeatedly accused Schabas as being biased against Israel — and with good reason.

Schabas has said he wanted Netanyahu and Peres be brought to trial before the International Criminal Court for war crimes, but Schabas refused to describe Hamas as a terrorist organization.

Schabas believes that Israel “gets off light” in the UN Security Council.

If that wasn’t enough, the Reuters report revealed that Schabas worked as a consultant for the PLO in 2012.

You can hear the man’s anti-Israel bias in his own words in the video below:

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