Photo Credit: Pixabay / PhotoMIX Company

If you are reading these words, chances are you have probably ordered something from Amazon at least once in your life, unless you’re living in Israel.

And even then, chances are you might have ordered something from Amazon before moving to Israel, and even after, when you fly back to the Old Country to visit – or perhaps even from Israel, if you’re willing to brave the shipping cost, and the complexities of figuring out who actually does ship to Israel, and who does not.


Well, we’re happy to share the news that this may all soon be a thing of the past: Amazon’s Israel site is gearing up for its local launch, finally, within weeks at last, according to Globes. The e-commerce giant reached out to Israeli retailers months ago to enable them to sell directly to customers in Israel using its online platform in what is called the “Fulfillment by Merchant” method (FBM).

The sellers will be using the Local Delivery program, using UPS. The Amazon hub will be in Hebrew but there may be a gateway in English. If not, a word to the wise: just set your Google Translate to ‘permanent translate into English’ and voila! – the problem is solved.

The launch may make it in time for Prime Day – this year set for July 15-16 – but local merchants have already informed Amazon they’re not likely to be ready on time that soon. We’re talking about Jewish time and Israeli time, after all.

Israeli retailers are more likely to be ready for the shopping season heading into the new school year and the Tishrei Rush (High Holiday Season for those unfamiliar with the Jewish calendar, start of the Jewish New Year).

That’s when the retail season in the Jewish State really goes crazy anyway. Online shopping won’t take a back seat to that either.

Considering the number of harried mothers in Israel with active children, and who have absolutely no time to run around to look for that perfect pencil case or gift, immediately, Amazon is just the ticket, and it’s arriving just in time.

Local delivery? Within days instead of weeks? It’s about time. Bring it on, sister.