Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson's Unit

Israel’s Defense Ministry, in an unprecedented move, hired a civilian outfit to provide maintenance services for operational systems employed by the Navy. The agreement with Rafael Advanced Defense Systems aims to increase accessibility and efficiency while reducing costs.

In a press release it released on Tuesday, the Defense Ministry stated that the deal guarantees that routine maintenance work will be performed at the highest professional level, ensuring optimal operational capabilities. Which makes one wonder if there was something less than optimal with the maintenance provided in-house by the Navy.


The multi-year agreement will extend over 20 years and includes maintenance services for dozens of Typhoon remotely-controlled naval weapon stations.

Last December, Rafael announced today that it was awarded a contract worth tens of millions of dollars to supply its Typhoon™ Mk30-C Next Generation Naval Remote Weapon Station to an undisclosed navy in Asia. The contract will be fulfilled over five years, with an option for expansion for more systems over the course of the contract.

Here’s an amusing factoid: the contract with the undisclosed Asian navy was signed on December 7. You know, Pearl Harbor Day, the day that will go down in infamy?

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