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National Center for Transgender Equality’s rally in front of the White House, October 22, 2018.

It turns out Israelis are not the only ones being pushed by the Biden administration against their will and interest; female athletes who are being overwhelmed by transgender men are also being told to shut up and bear it – at least until after the November 5 election.

The Biden administration’s initially proposed regulations, unveiled on April 6, 2023, aimed to grant schools the authority to restrict transgender athletes’ participation in competitive high school and college sports. However, these regulations would prohibit blanket bans on transgender athletes, which have become prevalent across the country.


According to the proposal, schools would be required to take various factors into account before implementing a ban on transgender athletes. Furthermore, any such ban would need to be justified on educational grounds, particularly concerning fairness.

For example, a school district could potentially justify prohibiting transgender athletes from participating in their competitive high school track and field team. However, it would be more challenging for a district to make a similar case for an in-house middle school kickball squad.

But on Thursday, the Washington Post reported that administration officials are planning to put off publishing the regulation of the rights of trans athletes and the women who lose to them.

One person “familiar with the administration’s thinking,” told the Post, “Folks close to Biden have made the political decision to not move on the athletics regulation pre-election. It seems to be too much of a hot topic.”

A senior DOE official told the Post that the primary sex discrimination in sports regulation proposal is currently undergoing final review at the White House Office of Management and Budget. The official stated that the department is still in the process of reviewing the sports regulation and stressed that it has received a significant volume of 150,000 public comments, which, by law, must be meticulously considered.

That’s 150,000 parents of female athletes who’ve had it up to here with burly men presenting as ladies and grabbing all the trophies.

25 states have enacted bans preventing transgender students from participating in sports consistent with their gender identity as opposed to their biological identity.


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