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Rami al-Farra wearing military gear war in Ukraine.

The website belonging to the Farra clan in the Gaza Strip on August 11 posted a front-page announcement: Young Rami Haitham Al-Farra has passed away.”

The post continues: “With hearts filled with faith in Allah’s will and destiny, the Al-Farra family mourns the loss of the family at home and abroad. The young man: Rami Haitham Musa Al-Farra.


“We ask Allah the Great to bless the deceased with his vast mercy, to dwell him in his spacious gardens, and to inspire his family and relatives with beautiful patience and solace.”

Now to the manner in which this young man returned his soul to Allah. According to the PA publication Alam24, wrote that Rami al-Farra died “in Russia during a missile attack.” According to Al-Hayat, the cause of death was a rocket-propelled grenade explosion in Moscow.

It turns out that Rami al-Farra was born in 1994 in Russia as Roman Khaysamovich Elfar, and later spent many years with his family in the Gaza Strip as a child. He then returned to the Russian Federation as a teenager and settled down permanently in the Krasnodar Territory in the city of Kurganinsk, on the right bank of the Bolshaya Laba River, 248 kilometers east of Krasnodar, where he will soon be buried with military honors, seeing as he was killed in Ukraine.

the Alam24 website featured a selfie of Rami al-Farra in a Russian army combat camouflage shirt.

Two selfies of the late Rami al-Farra, in a Russian military uniform and civilian clothes. / Arab social media; Al-Farra website

According to the Israeli Russian language website Newsru editor Evgeny Finkel, “The al-Farra family clan is one of the most influential in the south of the Gaza Strip. It is not for nothing that the current governor of the Khan Yunis governorate and the previous one is from this clan. Among the al-Farras, you’ll find peaceful professionals as well as terrorist commanders. Some members of this clan are closely linked to Hamas, which has controlled Gaza since the June 2007 military coup, including the al-Din al-Qasam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas. Some were closer to Fatah and were forced to leave Gaza after Hamas seized power. Representatives of the clan served until 1967 in the Egyptian army, and many were killed in the Six-Day War. Members of the al-Farr family died during the first and second intifadas, as well as during anti-terrorist operations in Gaza. On August 1, 2014, in Khan Younis, as a result of an IDF strike, one of the leaders of Hamas militants, Abdel Malik al-Farr, and eight members of his family, including his wife and minor children, were killed.”

Finkel maintains that “there is no confirmed information about the organized participation of Palestinian militants in the Russian war against Ukraine.” However, “Iranian instructors, militants from Syria, and the Lebanese Hezbollah were reported to be involved in this war. Al-Farra may not have been the only Palestinian serving in the Russian army.”

Finally: in July 2017, two PA Arab scientists, Dr. Sulaiman al-Farra and Mohammed al-Farra, died under suspicious circumstances in Algeria. They died together in their apartment, apparently as a result of electrocution or a gas leak, but the Al-Farra family back in Khan Yunis, Gaza, insisted it was an assassination.

It explains why the Al-Farras need a website, and should also serve as a warning to Al-Farras who seek adventure abroad.

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