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Arab image of IAF attack Thursday night, Jan. 30, 2020

Three rockets were fired into Israeli territory Thursday night – two were intercepted, and one fell into an open area. A three-week-old baby sustained moderate to severe injuries in Sderot as a result of falling from her mother’s arms while the latter was running to a shelter. The mother was slightly injured, and the two were evacuated to Soroka Hospital in Be’er Sheva.

In retaliation, IDF warplanes and drones attacked a wide range of Hamas terrorist targets in the southern Gaza Strip. The attack included an underground weapons manufacturing site. Attacking these targets is a detriment to the Hamas ability to increase its terrorist capacity.


The IDF spokesman said: “Attacking these targets constitute a detriment to the Hamas terrorist organization’s ability to grow.”

The attack was in response to the rocket fire Thursday night as well as in response to the explosive-carrying balloons flown from Gaza into Israel, and the sniper shots taken at an IDF observer earlier.

Earlier yet on Thursday, non-rocket fire hit the Gaza envelope settlements, and a red alarm was activated at Kibbutz Yad Mordechai. In response, IDF aircraft and tanks attacked several Hamas intelligence gathering posts in the southern Gaza Strip.

On the night between Wednesday and Thursday, the Air Force attacked Hamas’s underground infrastructure in the southern Gaza Strip, as well as weapons production infrastructure, in response to a rocket launch on Wednesday at Israel.

The IDF views very severely any terrorist attack of any kind aimed at Israeli territory, and will continue to act as necessary against attempts to harm Israeli citizens. The Hamas terrorist organization is responsible for everything taking place in and out of the Gaza Strip and it will suffer the consequences of actions against Israeli citizens.

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