Photo Credit: Ahmad Khateib / Flash 90
A Red Crescent ambulance at the Erez Crossing (Archive)

Once again, Hamas used an Israeli humanitarian gesture to attempt a terror attack.

Inspectors at the Erez Border Crossing from Gaza prevented a large terror attack after discovering explosives hidden inside tubes labeled “medical materials” being brought over from Gaza into Israel on Wednesday morning, according to the Shabak and the Ministry of Defense.


Two sisters from Gaza were given entry permits into Israel. The two had received permission to enter Israel, as one of the women was to receive cancer treatment at an Israeli hospital.

Hidden among their medical supplies were explosives to be used for making bombs for a terror attack. A police sapper dealt with the explosives.

An initial Shabak investigation uncovered that Hamas sent the shipment of explosives over for an imminent attack in Israel. Hamas had hoped to use the two sisters as cover for their smuggling.

The two will be interrogated further by the Shabak.

This is not the first time that Hamas has used sick people being treated in Israel to send over explosives.