Photo Credit: YouTube screen capture / Aljazeera
Gazans break through Israeli border security fence, May 4 2018

At least three Hamas operatives were killed on Sunday afternoon after IDF soldiers spotted a team of four terrorists attempting to infiltrate into Israeli territory through the security fence along the Gaza border.

The soldiers stormed the terrorists while opening fire once they had crossed the border fence from southern Gaza into Israeli territory. The soldiers had been tracking their movements after they first arrived at the fence, and monitored their movements as they damaged it to penetrate the barrier.


One of the dead terrorists was found when subsequently searched to be carrying a bag that contained a camera, an ax, an oxygen mask, a wire cutter and gloves. A second terrorist had dropped two containers filled with gasoline.

On Friday, dozens of Gaza rioters cut through the security fence and raced into an open field on the Israeli side of the border, while thousands of other rioters were rolling burning tires at the border, hurling rocks at IDF soldiers with slingshots and trying to launch flaming Molotov terror kites over the fence into Israeli agricultural fields to set them afire.

A video filmed by the Aljazeera news network, uploaded to Facebook, shows the Gazans cutting through the fence and running through the field.

According to the Israel Defense Forces, the Gazans who infiltrated into Israeli territory turned around and re-entered Gaza as soon as Israeli soldiers arrived on the scene.