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IDF bulldozer

IDF military heavy machinery embarked on a limited incursion across the border in the southern Gaza Strip Thursday morning, Ma’an reported.

Eyewitnesses told Ma’an that five IDF bulldozers entered about ten yards across the border fence near Khan Yunis and proceeded to level the land there, under the watchful eyes of hovering IDF drones.


There hasn’t yet been a conformation of the report from the IDF Spokesperson’s office.

The IDF incursions into the Gaza Strip have become an almost daily event, as part of Israel’s relentless effort to frustrate the Hamas government’s construction of terror tunnels leading into Israel. From its takeover in 2007, the Hamas strategy in its conflict with Israel has been based on managing to capture one or several

Arabs working in the fields near the undefined buffer zone along the border on occasion begin clashes with the IDF forces and get shot at in return.


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