Photo Credit: Screenshot
Gaza rally, April 6, 2018

Israeli Air Force planes scattered leaflets in the skies of the Gaza Strip, calling on Gaza residents not to attend Friday’s demonstrations, as the defense establishment is preparing for the fourth Hamas-driven marches in that many weeks, towards the border with Israel. This time, Hamas announced, the theme of the rallies will be “The dead and the imprisoned.”

IDF Leaflets / social media

Hamas has also joined the war for hearts and minds across the border, with their own leaflet, in Arabic and in ungraceful Hebrew, saying: “Zionists: You have no place in the land of Palestine.. Go back to the place you came from.. Don’t respond to your leaders.. They send you to death or to (line cut in original image). #AlQuds_capital_Palestine.”

Hamas leaflet / social media

The Hamas leaflets were delivered on Israel’s side of the border by kites. Since last Friday’s rally, Hamas kites have also been used to deliver burning Molotov cocktails, a few of which landed on Israeli agricultural land, causing local fires.


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