Photo Credit: Eshkol Security Force
Fire in Eshkol Regional Council district started by Gaza arson kite.

Three terrorists were allegedly wounded Sunday after IDF fighter pilots attacked their terror cell as they were launching balloon bombs towards southern Israel, according to Ynet.

The Hamas terror organization has been deliberately conducting arson terror attacks in an organized manner, the IDF said in a statement. “Hamas leads the arson and explosive kites phenomenon; it orchestrates the launches and will bear the consequences for its actions.


“After beginning as a popular phenomenon, it has become clear in recent weeks that the launching of arson and explosive device-laden kites and balloons is now a deliberate activity, planned and executed by the Hamas terror organization, targeting Israeli territory from the Gaza Strip,” the IDF said.

On Sunday, the Israel Air Force attacked a Hamas vehicle being used by terrorists who were preparing the arson balloons.

“IAF aircraft targeted a wagon used by members of the Hamas terror organization to prepare arson and explosive balloons in the northern Gaza Strip with the intention of launching them into Israeli territory,” the IDF Spokesperson said in a statement.

“IDF aircraft targeted a vehicle used by a group of Palestinians who attempted to launch arson balloons from the southern Gaza Strip into Israeli territory.”

An IDF aircraft attacked a motorcycle used by a fire-kite launching squad in the Southern Gaza Strip earlier Sunday. No one was hurt, according to Arab media.

More than a dozen fires broke out since Sunday morning in Gaza Belt fields as a result of arson kites and balloon bombs.

“Hamas coordinates and executes this activity in the following way,” the IDF explained. “First, a Hamas commander in charge of launching arson kites and balloons directs subordinate operatives to prepare them.

“Upon receiving these instructions, the operatives prepare the kite or balloon and attach flammable or explosive materials.

“Arson kites are made by Hamas terror operatives in large quantities and in an organized manner.

“Once the explosive kites and balloons are fully prepared, the operatives launch them into target areas within Israeli territory that allow for large fires to be ignited.

“This terror activity targets Israeli civilians, as well as Israeli agricultural lands and nature.

“The IDF responds to these terrorist attempts to launch incendiary kites and balloons in a calculated yet increasing fashion: firing warning shots nearby, targeting the terror infrastructure that belongs to the launchers and Hamas military targets located deep within the Gaza Strip

“The IDF will not allow this terror to threaten Israeli civilians and Israeli territory.”