Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson's Unit
Israeli military forces operating in the northern Gaza city of Jabalya.

The IDF and Shin Bet (ISA) have eliminated two senior Hamas commanders in the past several days in Gaza operations.

The forces eliminated the deputy commander of Hamas’ national security forces in the Gaza Strip on Thursday in central Gaza.


IAF fighter jets directed by the IDF and Shin Bet struck and eliminated Deya Aldin Al Sharafa, deputy commander of the Hamas national security forces in Gaza.

Al Sharafa was responsible for overseeing the forces that secured Gaza’s borders. During the war, Al Sharafa’s forces prevented the civilian population from evacuating from combat zones.

Hamas terrorist Yusuf Al Shubaki was also eliminated this week by Israeli forces in Gaza City.

Al Shubaki served in the Hamas industrial equipment department and was responsible for the operation and production of the Hamas weapons industry.

On Friday, IDF troops eliminated a terrorist cell that opened fire on the troops during close-quarters combat in specific areas of Rafah.

IDF troops located and dismantled tunnel shafts and terrorist infrastructure, as well as large quantities of weapons in the Rafah area, including military equipment, weapons parts, and explosives.

Over the past few weeks, soldiers of the LOTAR Counterterrorist Special Forces Unit together with the 460th Brigade Combat Team have been fighting in the area of Jabalya, where the bodies of at least six Israeli hostages were recovered by Israeli forces over the past two weeks.

LOTAR and armored forces destroyed terrorist infrastructure, eliminated terrorists and located and destroyed tunnel shafts in the northern Gaza sector.

During their operations, the soldiers uncovered a structure containing large quantities of weapons, including rocket launchers and long and short-range missiles.

IDF troops eliminated dozens of terrorists in close-quarters combat and aerial strikes, including terrorists who directed attacks at IDF troops operating in the area.

Several days ago, an IAF aircraft eliminated a Hamas sniper cell that fired at IDF troops. No IDF injuries were reported in this encounter.

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