Photo Credit: Ministry of Defense Spokesperson
Seized gloves

Security inspectors from the Ministry of Defense Crossings Authority, along with representatives of the Gaza border Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories on Sunday foiled an attempt to smuggle thousands of pairs of military tactical gloves into the Gaza Strip via the Kerem Shalom Crossing, the Ministry of Defense and the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories reported.

Tactical gloves are designed to protect military, law enforcement, and shooting sports enthusiasts in challenging environments and conditions, including high dexterity shooting.

Seized gloves / Photo credit: Ministry of Defense Spokesperson

The gloves were concealed in a consignment of clothing. It is suspected that the gloves were intended for use by the Hamas terrorist organization. The truck carrying the consignment and all its contents were impounded and transferred to the special joint Shin Bet, Israel Police, Israel Customs Administration and Ministry of Defense Crossings Authority anti-smuggling team.

Crossings Authority Kerem Shalom Director Ami Shaked said in a statement: “Attempts to smuggle military equipment into Gaza are part of the daily struggle, conducted largely out of the public view, waged by the very best inspectors. We are continuing our anti-smuggling efforts around the clock in order to ensure that only approved and coordinated goods – that do not aid terrorist elements – enter Gaza.”

Gaza Coordination and Liaison Office Head Col. Faris Atila said in a statement: “The Hamas terrorist organization has repeatedly tried to exploit Israel’s civilian policy for its own ends at the expense of the civilian population in Gaza. We will continue to frustrate and thwart the abuse of our civilian policy for terrorist goals and the needs of the Hamas terrorist organization.”


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