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The Syrian Euphrates Liberation Brigade of the Syrian Democratic Forces

The US-led coalition is attempting to organize a new Syrian state, beyond control of President Bashar Assad, by allocating money for humanitarian assistance to Raqqa’s residents, according to Frants Klintsevich, first deputy head of the committee on defense and security in the Federation Council (parliament’s upper house), TASS reported Sunday.

The immediate allocation of millions of dollars and euros for Raqqa, Senator Klintsevich said, is another example of how the US-led coalition uses double standards in Syria, differentiating between “friendly” and “unfriendly” Syrians.


“Clearly, all this has an apparent political background,” the senator said. “And here the thing is not only in the attempts to hide the evidence of the barbarian bombing – in my opinion first of all those are the attempts to make Raqqa a center of another Syria – a Syria which is not controlled by Bashar Assad. This is the purpose of the money, and claimed restoration of peaceful life in the city is only a blatant excuse.”

Earlier reports said the UK allocated $13.2 million for humanitarian assistance to civilians in Raqqa, recently liberated from ISIS terrorists. The offensive in Raqqa began on June 6, and the terrorists were encircled in the central part of the city on September 21, but continued resisting. Before the final stage of the operation, most civilians had fled the city.

The Syrian Democratic Forces coalition on October 20 officially announced at a news conference that the city had been liberated from ISIS. Russia’s Defense Ministry, obviously unhappy with the Western-affiliated Syrian rebels making such strides, recently compared the coalition’s bombardment of Raqqa to the 1945 firebombing of Dresden.


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