Photo Credit: IDF
Southern Israel on fire due to hamas arson terror attacks

Israeli forest rangers and security personnel were present with firefighting equipment and a video camera on Sunday afternoon, just in time to grab a shot of an incendiary balloon landing in the Be’eri Forest adjacent to a parking lot just 10 meters from Kibbutz Nahal Oz, in southern Israel, along the Gaza border.

It looked pretty innocent floating down from the sky . . . but take a look at how events unfolded, seconds later. (Videographer: Itzik Lugasi, KKL-JNF forester)


It’s not hard to realize the flames that would have quickly resulted had Israeli personnel not been right next to that balloon the second it landed.

Hamas terrorists are launching dozens of these flying arson attacks every day.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was to convene another meeting of the Security Cabinet on Sunday evening, the third in less than a week, to try to come to some decision on how to deal with the ongoing terrorism emanating from Gaza.