Photo Credit: IDF
Hamas using women and children to damage the Gaza Strip security fence

Three Arabs were killed and dozens others injured during the 25th Friday of riots along the Gaza Strip fence, the Gaza Health Ministry reported. The reported killings took place as hundreds of Arabs had gathered under the slogan of “Resistance is our Choice.” Apparently, what they had lost in numbers – which used to be in the tens of thousands back around Israel’s 70th Independence Day – they more than made up for in enthusiasm.


Such as the case of one Muhamad Shaqqoura, 21, who, according to citizen reporter Abu Ali from the Gaza Strip, posting on Rotter, was “trying to damage the border fence with Israel for a long time with a long rope that was tied to the fence to minimize the risk of being hurt by the spike fence.”

In a video clip shot by Abu Ali, Shaqqoura, wearing a blue hat and a black T-shirt with a wide white line in the middle, is seen laboring for some time (the video is edited down to 90 seconds from 5 minutes) to damage the fence, until he is hit, runs back to his associates and falls on the ground.

“If you try to damage the border fence you might get hurt,” Abu Ali mused, adding, “I’m sure that Shaqqoura knew it well. He didn’t come there for a peaceful demonstration and the clip shows it.”