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Mass murderer Yehya Sinwar attends a Hamas rally in Gaza City, October 1, 2022.

A Wall Street Journal report published early Wednesday morning (Hamas, Palestinian Rivals Conduct Talks About Governing Postwar Gaza) quotes Husam Badran, the former leader of Hamas’s military wing in northern Samaria who is now part of Hamas’s Qatar-based political bureau, as saying, “We don’t fight just because we want to fight. We are not partisans of a zero-sum game,” and “We want the war to end.”

Bring out your doves…


Nevertheless, Yahya Sinwar, the orchestrator behind the October 7 massacre and leader of Hamas’s military wing in Gaza, remains optimistic about the ongoing conflict, deeming it premature to consider concessions.

Reportedly, Hamas’s political leaders engaged in discussions with Palestinian Authority officials in Ramallah regarding the future governance of Gaza, Judea, and Samaria—conversations that took place without Sinwar’s knowledge. Upon discovering this, Sinwar reacted strongly, throwing a tantrum and insisting on the immediate cessation of these talks.

Badran insisted, “We want to establish a Palestinian state in Gaza, the West Bank, and Jerusalem.” He and his friends in Doha, Qatar, say they want to join the PLO umbrella of political groups.

“It will be a national dialogue. We have always said the PLO should contain any Palestinian faction,” Badran said.

As per the WSJ, key Hamas political figures such as Ismail Haniyeh and Khaled Meshaal have actively participated in discussions with counterparts from Ramallah. These discussions involve leaders like Hussein Al-Sheikh, considered one of the top three candidates likely to succeed Mahmoud Abbas.

As to the blue and white elephant in the room, Badran told the WSJ that Hamas had no plans to demilitarize or change its position on Israel, namely advocating the murder of all its citizens, which on October 7 turned out to be Jews and non-Jews alike.

Asked if Hamas was prepared to recognize Israel, he was even a little hurt by the question. “The world has no right to ask when people are being killed,” he said. “It’s not logical to ask this question at this time.”

Badran did say Hamas wants a complete ceasefire with Israel, not only a truce, in return for which the Nazi group would be willing to exchange its remaining living Israeli hostages for all the security prisoners in Israel, some 6,000 altogether.

The sadistic monster reminded the interviewer that 60 hostages had been killed during the fighting in Gaza out of the 150 Israel believes are still in Hamas captivity. “The Israeli army is not suited to retrieve the prisoners alive,” he bragged. “It can only be achieved through negotiations.”

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