Photo Credit: Majdi Fathi / TPS
A terrorist's home targeted in Operation Shield and Arrow. May 9, 2023

A summary of the targets that were attacked by the IDF in the Gaza Strip last night, according to Arab sources:


1. The house of senior PIJ commander Jihad al-Ghanam in Rafah’s Jenina neighborhood, reportedly using a suicide drone – resulting in two dead and three injuries.

2. The PIJ’s Muhajir military outpost in Rafah (southern Gaza Strip), with a total of 31 missiles (!).

3. The PIJ’s Hittin military outpost in Khan Yunis (southern Gaza Strip), with several bombs.

4. A PIJ observation post in eastern Khuza’a (near the border, Khan Yunis district, southern Gaza Strip).

5. A PIJ military outpost between Khan Yunis and Deir al-Balah (central Gaza Strip).

6. A PIJ military outpost in the al-Mughraqa area (central Gaza Strip).

7. The apartments of PIJ commander Hajj Tariq Izz a-Din and Dr. Jamal Khadaoun in the “a-Douli” building on Gaza City’s a-Shahdaa Street, both of which were killed, alongside several members of their families.

8. The first floor of Khalil al-Bahtini’s home(consisting of several floors), using a missile fired from an F-16. Several people besides the PIJ commander were also killed.


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