Photo Credit: PA PR
Abbas reading paper with anti-Semitic cartoon

It isn’t clear just how well PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas is, nursing, as he does, a case of pneumonia at age 82. The rumor mills in Israel and in Ramallah have suggested the nice old man in the blue bathrobe walking the halls of the private al-Istishari medical center in Ramallah is one of his doubles, and that the Ra’is (boss) is in a coma, away from the cameras. But one thing is clear: whether the man in the blue robe is Abbas or Abbas II, his choice of reading is quite vile.

Anti-Semitic cartoon showing Israeli soldier feeding poison to Arab baby

Take a close look at the cartoon on the page the Chairman was holding in an armchair for all the world to see. It depicts a cartoon of an Israeli soldier replacing the milk bottle being fed to an Arab baby with a nice bottle of poison.


H/T to Channel 10 News that caught the anti-Semitic faux pas. Also thanks to a nostalgic tweet from Moti Bar’am who compared Yasser Arafat’s final pajamas picture with what could prove to be Abu Mazen’s.

Two PA Chairmen in their pajamas / Twitter