Photo Credit: Mordechai Kaufman/TPS
Bus driver was injured in Arab shooting attack, Jan 5, 2019

Arab terrorists fired overnight Sunday at a bus near the settlement of Beit El in Binyamin. The bus driver was lightly injured and the bus was damaged. Reportedly, an accident took place in the area as a result of the shooting, but there were no casualties.

Earlier on Saturday night, it was reported that Arabs fired from the direction of the village of Beit Fajr towards the nearby settlements of Migdal Oz in Gush Etzion. No injuries or damage were reported.


In both cases, IDF forces were sent to conduct searches in the area. The IDF spokesman said that “a bus was fired at near Beit El in the area of the Binyamin Regional Brigade. The bus’ windshield was damaged and the bus driver was lightly injured. IDF soldiers are searching for the suspects in the area.”

According to News 0404, the Egged Transport Company’s drivers union has announced a strike Sunday morning, in protest of the shooting attack at the line 140 bus, in which the driver was injured.

Raed Meshal, Chairman of the Egged Transport union said: “This is the second time in two months that a driver has been hit by gunfire on this line. Security officials changed the list of lines entitled to fire-proof protection, despite the previous incident in Beit El in November.”