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Hodaya Asulin Hy'd

Following the lawsuit filed by the family of the late Hodaya Asulin, who sustained severe injuries in a 2011 terror attack in Jerusalem, an Israeli court on Thursday began the process of obtaining the reparation money from the Palestinian Authority which pays the salaries of the terrorists who perpetrated the attack.

Additional wage garnishment orders were issued against the Prison Service to obtain the canteen money paid on behalf of the same terrorists.


Hodaya Nechama Asulin, 21, who had been severely injured when she was 14 in a terrorist attack in Jerusalem in March 2011, passed away on November 22, 2017 at Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital. Hodaya was injured in an explosion at the number 74 bus stop in front of the International Convention Center in Jerusalem, from a charge that was hidden inside a purse in a nearby public payphone booth.

In October 2019, News 12 revealed the huge sums paid out by the Palestinian Authority to the terrorists who carried out the attack in 2011. In response, Hodaya’s family sued the PA and the PLO.

The court ruled that the PA must compensate the Asulin family using the salaries intended for the terrorists until the accumulated payments reach 583,598 shekels ($170,017.3).

Advocate Menashe Yado from the Honenu legal aid society said in a statement: “Behind the harsh reality of the state of security in Israel there are people and families, and justice requires that the hundreds of thousands of shekels being paid to the terrorists who murdered their loved ones be directed to cover the damages they have sustained and not for the welfare of imprisoned murderers.”

“In addition, the main purpose of garnishing the canteen money is to reduce the unacceptable good conditions of terrorists in Israeli prisons,” Yado said.


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