Photo Credit: Screenshot: Palestinian Media Watch
Palestinian Authority TV broadcasts incitement from children's school theater.

The budgetary committee of the European Parliament has voted to suspend funding to the Palestinian Authority from a reserve of more than 15 million Euros, due to the entity’s continued incitement against Israel at the earliest years of life in its society.

The European Union is currently the largest single donor to the Palestinian Authority.


The approved amendment states, “The textbooks published by the PA in 2017, which are financed by the EU … contain, across all subjects, numerous examples of violent depictions, hate speech – in particular against Israel – and glorifications of jihad and martyrdom. As has already been pointed out by Parliament in its resolution on the 2016 budget discharge (par. 272), EU-financed teaching and training programs should reflect common values.

“The reserve will be released when the Palestinian Authority has committee to reform its school curriculum and textbooks to bring them in line with UNESCO standards for peace and tolerance in school education.”

The bill was proposed by Budgetary Committee chairwoman MEP Dr. Ingeborg Grassle. It now goes to the European Parliament for a plenary vote on Oct. 24.

If it passes, the Palestinian Authority will finally be forced to change its textbooks and begin to teach its children about the reality of the geography of the State of Israel as well as the Palestinian Authority – and about the concepts of peace – or forfeit 15,440,597 Euros in funding from the European Union.