Photo Credit: TPS
Palestinian Authority policemen in the city of Hebron

An IDF unit operating in the Arab town of Samua in the Hebron area on Monday was chased out by a group of armed Palestinian Authority (PA) security men who threatened the troops.

Footage of the incident obtained by TPS shows PA security men in uniform and plainclothes blocking the IDF unit’s entry while shouting at them to “go home to your mothers.”


The IDF force ultimately turned around and retreated.

A source in the PA told TPS that several similar incidents have recently occurred. In August, PA forces twice chased away IDF troops at Hussan in the Bethlehem area, and in October, a similar incident occurred at Za’atara, also in the Bethlehem area.

Responding to an inquiry by TPS, an IDF spokesperson simply stated that the unit in Samua was confronted by the PA police after it had already concluded its mission in the area “without casualties.”

TPS has been unable to discern the reason for this new and potentially dangerous trend.